Got a date for first scan-ages away!!

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ournextbigadventure Posts: 144
Hi girls I got the date for my first antenatal appointment today but it's not until July 30th!! It seems like an age away. I should be 19 weeks by that stage. Is it usual to wait so long for your first scan? I'm definitely going to book a private scan- was going to book one around the 9/10 week mark to make sure I can hear heartbeat but I'll reckon I'll want another one around 15 weeks to make sure everything's ok. Am I being silly? I'm a natural worrier!
angie27 Posts: 194
Hi ya, Seems a bit long alright. Im a public patient in cork & my first appointment & scan was at 12 weeks. I've since had my 20 week appointment & the doctor scanned me again. I've had no complications thankfully & didnt think i'd be scanned at 20 weeks publicly, perhaps I just got a nice doctor. I would have thought you'd nearly be on your second hospital visit at 19 weeks. Sorry I can only speak of my experience, maybe its down to different parts of the country??
ournextbigadventure Posts: 144
Thanks angie I'm gutted its so far away. Especially as it's my first pregnancy. Thinking I should have gone private now! I'm in Wexford so thought the demand would be less than dublin
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Ideally you should be getting a dating scan at 10-14 weeks, when the measurements for dating at most accurate, however, some places are very back logged! Is it the same date for your booking visit or are they done on different days?? Public vs private may not have given you an earlier date, so try not to dwell on that! You can see your GP between now and then and he/she'll do a BP and urine test, just to keep you on the straight and narrow... If you wanted to you could pay for a scan in one of those private scanning places, just for piece of mind...
ournextbigadventure Posts: 144
Well the letter said it's for anatomy scan- unless I can expect to get another appointment sooner just for an initial consultation? I haven't a clue how all this works! I am def going to go for a private scan around week 10 as my date is a bit undecided as I had irregular cycles. But I'm guessing not much can be seen by ten weeks other than a heartbeat? I mean can they tell you if anything is wrong with baby?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Not really, they'll measure to get a due date.... the anatomy scan is the big one where they see everything... it is ideally done at 20week mark, so you're spot on for that... :D I don't know how it all works in Wexford, but i'd imagine they'll do your history and all that at the anatomy scan visit, if they haven't invited you to have it before that...
Sunspeckle Posts: 437
You'll get a scan at your hospital booking appointment at 12/13 weeks...or at least i thought this was normal procedure? I'd also recommend getting an early private can at 7 weeks to give you peace of mind :lvs I defo wouldn't wait Until 19 weeks for first scan
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
It varies hugely from hospital to hospital - my first booking appointment in Galway was at 16 weeks and they said there would be no scan - although they did a very quick one on the day. My second appointment in Galway was the big 20 week scan. I had 2 mcs last year and even though this was in my notes, I still wasnt offered an early scan. We did get early private scans to put our minds at ease give my history.
Jims Doll Posts: 356
Ournextbigadventure, im in wexford too this is my second. There u only get one scan roughly about 20wks or so. I had to wait till 23wks d last time so yr lucky u got in a bit sooner. They do private scans in kilkenny and newbridge. If u want to ask me anything bout wexford or anything let me
TTCJAN09 Posts: 595
Your def missing in the system for a 12weeks scan. This checks heart beat and makes sure everything is where it's supposed to be. :o)ll