got lots of maternity wear in H & M EXCELLENT!!

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Well ladies thought I would give a shout out to H & M I got so much stuff was planning on just getting a few trousers for work but everything I tried on I loved and could not leave them..... now I did spend alot €250 but it will last me the rest of the pregnancy. And you know what I felt dam good in the clothes. I got lovely jeans now not the sexiest with the big band that covers your full belly 2 pairs of trousers - maternity 2 tops and 2 dresses - now these were not maternity but they are empire line and looked really cute and got some acessories to match. I was so pleased and suprised at how much I got for €250 x
lamb nose Posts: 679
Hi mama sugar, Have to agree about the H&M maternity jeans. They are fab!! A girl in my ante natal class was wearing a pair of gorge jeans so I asked her where she got them and I could not believe it when she said they were H&M. I rushed out and got a pair straight away. I love them but will be glad to see the back of them in 2 weeks (PG) time. O-O
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Ohhh thanks for the tip Mama.... where are H&M again - remine me? In the city I mean. Ta :wv
mama sugar Posts: 1387
yea lamb nose I am sure I will be sick of them in another 18 weeks!!! but just so comfy... tiglets not sure where in town but they have one in liffey valley and one in whitewater newbridge x