Got mother of the bride outfit today!!!!!

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exhasted Posts: 335
Yeh :o)ll :o)ll went to ela marias in newcastle west today and found the most perfect dress!!! its full length john charles its stunning!! They have such a huge selection!! Thats one more thing off the list!! yeh!! :o)ll
OOB Posts: 639
Thats brill, well done! Great to know that they have a big selection and that they stock John Charles . Will tell my Mum as she spotted an outfit by this designer in a mag and would like to try some of his stuff on. Must make an appointment soon, thanks for the info :)
exhasted Posts: 335
no prob hun x hope your mum finds something amazing xx afterall its her day too x ha!
joker Posts: 2789
My mum got hers on Friday! She got it in Bernadette Elizabeths in Newry! Not a typical mother of the bride shop but however a few beautiful dresses! First one she tried on she ordered!!! also is same shop... I got a DKNY Dress from £249 to £30 and also a pink cerise dress for my friends wedding from £499 to £30!!! Bargain... they were selling off all last seasons dresses so i snapped them up!!! Also in this shop they have hats and jewellery to go with outfits!!
ms mop 2010 Posts: 92
oh thats brilliant!! :) wish i had my mother sorted spent four hours on the net yesterday looking at dresses and she seen one she liked and its in tyrone since im from dublin its going to be a long drive up and then she probably wont even get it :o( shes only in her 40s so she wouldnt be getting the typical outfits they show on websites eg twin piece suits :( its going to be a nightmare O:|
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Well done dreamcometrue! I also went shopping with Mam yesterday & got her outfit. Really happy as I was kinda dreading it :-8 Mrs. Mop 2010 my mother's only in her early 40's so also was dreading the usual MOB outfits but we found there was a great selection in Fenn Wright Manson in Brown Thomas & they were so helpful. Mam had a shift dress with a little jacket over it (definitely didn't want anything full length as the wedding's abroad) in her mind & she had her pick of loads of dresses. Here's a link to the dress my mother got, it might be worth having a look for your mother. ... da653160f0 Good luck!
OOB Posts: 639
Hi Girls My Mum is the same, v fussy! She's already said she doesn't want anything too 'settled'!! I'm dreading the shopping trip O:| Cait84 love the Fenn Wright Mason outfit, was only on their website last night looking at that outfit and theres also another lovely dress cream/gold with a little cream jacket...very elegant & not the typical MOB look....had seen what I thought was a lovely dusky pink outfit in there in the Jan sales but my mum was having none of it, wouldn't even try it on!!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
OOB that's gas....I think the other dress you described was the one it came down to with Mam. It's gorgeous on & there are little gem details around the neckline. In fairness to Mam she told me that if she even pulled a face I'd her permission to give out to her! She had a great attitude & said she'd do like I did with my dress & try everything BUT she wanted it all done by 11 yesterday morning so we could have a celebratory cup of fairness we were sitting having breakfast at 10.45 with the job done!!