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sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi girls, I'm so happy to say that I got my BFP yesterday and that I'm going join the P&B section!! Really wasn't expecting it to happen this month as I ovulated late. Bit of a suprise - but a fantastic one. Don't want to get too excited until I see doctor on Monday but I did 4 tests and all BFPs :o)ll Looking forward to chatting to you all. xx
dovedro Posts: 1295
Congrats sherbetlemon :o)ll :o)ll I got my BFP the month I ovulated late too so maybe that's something to do with it!! Good luck at the docs and have a happy and healthy 9 months!
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Congratulations sherbetlemon! Im delighted for you. :o)ll :o)ll
Delish Posts: 4176
Hey I THINK I SAID OCNGRATS IN TTC, can't keep up with all the news over there. Anyway welcome aboard, great to hear your good news !!
007Babs Posts: 417
Congratulations SherbetLemon - I am delighted for you! It's a very special time - enjoy every minute and I hope you have a healthy, happy pregnancy! :wv
charli Posts: 5994
oh that it great news!! enjoy your pregnancy and welcome on board in here! :o)ll
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Thanks for all your good wishes girls. x
January Baby Posts: 1427
Hereshoping Posts: 354
Excellent!! Congrats!! :o)ll :o)ll
fantac Posts: 4109
congrats and welcome on board!!