Got my sample bouquet....

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Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
From Wedideas today - I LOVE IT!!! I can't post the pic but here is the link - its the edge & burgandy bouquet. I'm having an Autumn wedding so the colours will go lovely I think BM's will either have all burgandy or all burnt orange bouquet
lindy Posts: 1135
O-O there lovely . congrats :thnk
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Oooooohhh, they're really nice! The colours are gorgeous. Do you have an even number of flowers, and an even number of each colour??? :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
well on the sample (which is much smaller than the actual bouquet) I got 2 of each. And honestly they looked very real - do guests get close enough to see anyway?!! My mam was tough convince but when she saw them today she loved them too.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I think they're lovely, and you'll always have your bouquet afterwards - without the hassle involved in drying fresh flowers.
KiaMia Posts: 239
Oh, i am so happy they look good. I too am having an autumn wedding and planning on getting silks so i have no worries about ordering them now. I will get them when i get the bridesmaids dresses - just in case i change my mind on colours. Love the one you have chosen.
Singstar Posts: 323
Absolutely love these. Can I ask how much your flowers are working out at and how long your delivery takes cos I would like to consier these.
Gabby Posts: 2873
they are fab
Wiggles Posts: 629
Would also consider these flowers they are lovely .. and very well done. Why did you get sample bouquet ? Could you not use that as your "main" one ? Do you mind me asking rougly how much it would be bride plus 3 bridesmaid bouquet would be ? and postage ? Did you have to pay duty ? What size bouquet did you get ? What way was it packaged ? i would be afraid it would get damaged in the post ???? thanks wiggles :thnk
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Thanks girls for the comments! The sample bouquet is too small really to be a brides bouquet but I think I'll use the flowers for decorating the cake. The actual bouquet is $42, the 2 BM bouquets will cost $60 in total, and I'll get 5 buttonholes which will cost about $20 in total - thats $122 which is about €106!!! How cheap is that! I am still undecided about what to do for the church decorations. The shipping is about $30 I think and you can ask them to put on the package that they costless than €50 so no duty!!