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BabyFootsteps Posts: 279
Got my shoes..... I love them.... Was really struggling to find ones I liked but just love these!!! What do you think girls????? :-) Plus got a call yesterday.... My dress is in the shop. So excited though a little nervous. I had better fit into it!!! :-)
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
Ohhhh, love those! They're absolutely gorgeous and actually quite comfy on too! Had a look at them myself and still considering them even though I have found the other ones already. The good thing about those is, you can definitely wear them again.
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
WOW FAB!!! Plus you can wear them after the wedding again and again
bizarre bride Posts: 234
These look like what I'm after too. Mrs2be2012 Can I ask what size the heel is?? I need something lowish!! Beauties by the way!!
the bees knees Posts: 755
love them...... Finding shoes I like is breaking my heart!!!!! Well wear as they say !!!!
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
bizarre bride, i can't tell you the height but they have a concealed platform and it's a mid heel. They're actually quite comfy and I never wear heels. Might get them myself now...they're a bit over my budget but considering they can be worn again
BabyFootsteps Posts: 279
Hi bizarre bride.. Ill measure them tomorrow but as Yvonne said there is a bit of a platform too.. Im not good with high heels so were perfect for me and I love that I will be able to wear them again as the are not full on wedding shoes. Thanks for all the compliments girls... :-)
Boo2012 Posts: 315
Shoes are gorgeous, really :heartbeat: them