Got my Wedding Photos so disappointed.

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cork10 Posts: 38
Got my proofs from my photographer last week and have to say that I am so disappointed with them.. Before the wedding we had a meeting with her and told her the photos that we wanted to have taken, neither of us are into posy pictures but asked for the usual ones that you get for your album. ( both families and ones with the parents). We asked for one of my DH gran mother as she is the only one still alive from either side. When we got our proofs back I couldn't believe them, there is no photo at all of the gran plus the family photos that were taken of my husbands family cannot be use, it is like that she just said get together and snapped, no one was ready, plus my family photo my husband is not in the picture . I know that I should have noticed this at the time when the pictures were been taken but with all the excitement I didn't realise he wasn't beside me. I am so sad over these and dont know what to do as I am the fourth member of my family to get married and my mother has a place on the sitting room wall waiting for our picture. We have paid for an album with 30 pages and up to 70 pictures we cannot even pick 30 pictures and then the pictures we can pick will all be repeat ones. There is a total of 500 pictures and i would say that we could use about 20 pictures all the other pictures are of the guests , drinking and chatting but I don't think that they are ones you would put in your album. Also we have 2 children and asked for a photo of both of them to put on a canvas and she took 17 pictures and not one of them can be used. There is 25 photos of my cousins child and he wasn't even part of the wedding party, there is more pictures of him than of our children. There is no family picture of the 4 of us together either. I spoke to her and told her about my husband not been in the family picture and she said that she didnt realise that at the time and also that we could not use my DH family picture all she said was that time was against but yet she left the hotel 1 hour before we had our meal but if time was against her should she not have spent the time getting the pictures we asked for and not other ones that will never be even printed let alone put into the album and is it not her job to organsie the people for the picture and ensure that they are right. We have paid her 2600 for the pictures and album. Could anyone please give me advice as to what to do about this suitation as I am so upset over this. Sorry for the long rant.
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
Oh no, I feel so bad for u. That is disgraceful. Have you talked to her and let you know how you feel? Maybe you could get your guests to give you the pictures they took. Its such a pity she didnt take the photos you wanted and sure you wouldnt have realised at all cuz of your excitement. Can you PM me the name of the photographer. I'm currently trying to find one but will def stay clear of her.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
thats terrible, dont give up though, you obviously gave her clear instructions and she didn't follow them, its her business to make sure that people are captured in photos, thats what she is paid to do! i would name and shame her...... i don't see why suppliers should be protected if they do not do a good job. on top of everything you paid a lot of money so obviously she must consider herself professional.... its terrible that you didn't get photos of family, your Gran etc, you cant turn back the clock to the day unfortunately but surely she should at least offer some gesture of goodwill like doing a family portrait for free? If the quality is bad in some photos, maybe talk to another photographer about doing some editing on them? some photos can be resurrected and made to look better with photoshop etc... obviously where people are completely missing thats another matter and she should try to make up for that by either offering a partial refund and offering something like a family photo for free. Let us know how you get on....
marles Posts: 1397
I really think that is such bad form. she knew exactly who the bride and groom were and it was her job to take the proper photos.I'm quite into my cameras and I know I review ever shot I take before I decide if I'm happy or not,I'm not even amateur. I wouldn't pay her even 3/4 of the cost,she didn't earn the money,she was there on the day,but the reality is you can't use the shots,so you shouldn't have to pay. I really feel for you,I would ask the guests to send you their photos on a CD and then you can print these and create your own album.
tararod Posts: 562
You poor thing thats terrible. But dont let her away with that. You paid alot of money for a professional service that she obviously didnt provide. As for not realisng your husband wasnt in the picture, please of course she must have realised. I mean your husband I'm sure stood out on the day as being the groom, so of course he should have been included in all photos. Grooms belong in the photos ffs >:o( I dont know what your entitlements are regarding this, but you should post over in the legal forum and someone might be able to advise you. As far as I'm concerned if I pay for a professional service and I dont get it I'm entiltled to some sort of compensation. Naming and shaming isnt a bad idea as one of the other posters said, only I'm not sure if your allowed to do that here.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
yea but i think from the op's post she has already paid her :( thats the problem with photographers who expect payment up front, if you are not happy you have very little fall-back. Anyway, my photographer said he did a lot of work on a set of photos for a girl who was unhappy with her own photographer but obviously the amount of photoshop tricks that can be done will depend on whats wrong with the photos in the first place, if its just editing it should be fix0able to some degree not the same obviously if the op has asked for certain people to be included, and these people were left out. Anyway there is no reason why this photographer should just get away with saying she was stuck for time, you paid her 2.6k so thats a massive fee and she should have made sure that she got all your shots before leaving. make sure you get some sort of compensation from her.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
That's outrageous. As marles said, every picture should look right through the lens before you press the shutter button. Lack of time is not an excuse - wedding photographers more or less all have the same amount of time to take what is generally a standard set of photos and the reason you're paying for a professional is because they're supposed to be able to get the shots that an amateur would be too pressured or inexperienced to pull off. Now that you've paid in full, I don't know what recourse is open to you apart from appealing to their better nature or pursuing it legally, which would probably be more hassle than it's worth.
good2go Posts: 564
Mother of bejebus, thats a lot of money for 20 photos. I'd ask for a refund because she clearly didnt get appropriate photos. Secondly,send out a group email with requests for good photos of those who are missing and see what you get back.But do it now while its still fresh in peoples minds cuz the longer you leave it,the less inspired people will be to send you their shots. Keep us posted. :thnk
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your photographs. Do you think though that part of the problem could be that you didn't communicate clearly with the photographer? You said at the start that [quote="cork10":3gr2p5lm] neither of us are into posy pictures [/quote:3gr2p5lm] and then [quote="cork10":3gr2p5lm] the family photos that were taken of my husbands family cannot be use, it is like that she just said get together and snapped, no one was ready, [/quote:3gr2p5lm] Maybe she thought that's what you wanted? And did you have anyone on hand to point out to her who your grandmother was? It seems a bit astonishing to take 300 photos, as you say mostly of guests, and not to get any of your grandmother. 300 proofs seems an awful lot; I know most photographers I've spoken with suggested about 150 to 200, so it doesn't seem to be a timing issue? My friend had a similar issue when she chose a funky reportage style photographer, insisting that she didn't like to be posing for hours for shots (frankly, who does!) and then was disapopinted that there were no formal family portraits. She was initially very upset with the photographer but then came to realise that in fact she got more or less what she had asked for. The suggestions by others such as getting photos from your family, guests, etc is a good one.
Oct09B2B Posts: 374
My God, this would be a nightmare for me - my heart goes out to you. I would go back to her and ask if she has any other photographs from the day - I think quite often they take, say, 400 - 500 shots and then whittle them down to the best ones which they send you as proofs - maybe her idea of "best" and yours might be different and there might be some goodish shots in the rest. Also, regarding the photos where the groom is missing - can she photoshop him into these shots? Not an ideal solution but worth checking out. HTH