Got no valentines card

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Autumn Winter Posts: 140
Any of you 2009 brides get valentines pressies? I got no flowers, no chocs , not even a card. Very disappointed as its our first valentines married.
dexavia Posts: 242
i had to tell H2B i wanted a card or i wouldn't have got one. ONly wanted one cos its the only time we'd ever be able to have the 'fiance' on the card. He didn't get a fiancee card, not even a girlfriend card, i think it was for someone special or something like that. didn't get a birthday card either if it makes you feel any better
Xxcitedwife Posts: 835
did u mention valentines to him at all??? did you get him one? my OH needs lots+lots of not so subtle hinting! like dexavia i have had birthdays where no card arrived until next day+he saw how dissapointed i was, hope your not feeling too down
Delphinium Posts: 3027
This is a familiar discussion..... I gave him every opportunity to get me a Christmas Card. I was saying things like "Imagine, next year you'll be getting me a "wife" Christmas Card.." And then when I had his present wrapped and under the tree and said that I'd almost forgotten to write his card, He says "I hope you don't mind, but I've not got you one!" Why did he think I was mentioning mine!!! I was trying to give him a chance to buy one! :duh: He got the silent treatment and several "I'm fine"s when he asked what was up. I had to tell him in the end and he got me one but it took all the good out of it when I'd to ask. But I seem to have got through to him. I was dreading Valentines. He doesn't "do" cards and flowers. But to be fair he surprised me on day before V day with a bunch of flowers, a CD and really lovely Fiancee card. It was his b'day as well yesterday so I made sure to shame him in case he had got me nothing by getting him a b'day card AND a V Day card! >:o) From talking to friends lads just don't get that us girls love cards and flowers - they think they're a waste of money. For my own part I couldn't care less about the gift but I love the gesture of a card. Most I know have to ask or hint v heavily indeed!
Autumn Winter Posts: 140
I dont agree with the price of flowers and always tell him I dont want them for valentines, but to buy me a bunch some other time when least expected..... he does forget that part of the plan. I dont mind about flowers and I dont mind about chocolates as Im watching my figure, but Im really disappointed with no card. He's usually great. He cooked me dinner for valentines last year, had little candles lit and a bottle of champage and a massive card that came in a big envelope. Im just upset that he thinks he doesnt need to make an effort now that we are married. Still love him too bits though.
Mml Posts: 453
I would be really upset if i didnt get a card i dont mind no flowers etc but a card is only a few euro.
mrs shamrock Posts: 603
We didnt do valentines at all this year, no card, flowers, chocolates etc... i think its over rated and everything over priced and it actually didnt bother me at all. I think its different at birthdays or anniversarys and would be bit annoyed then if i didnt get card or flowers then!!
sinead266 Posts: 914
i think i would be raging if i didnt get anything for valentines, im with h2b 13 years and he's never forgotten me yet, im hoping it doesnt change once were married :o0 , i was lucky enough i got card, membership to gym, hair and beauty salon all free for a year, and treated to a night in hotel with 4 course meal :xox i think you'll have to tell him out right next year make sure he knows you want something.
Autumn Winter Posts: 140
Wow sinead266, you were spoilt. Lucky duck.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
hi girls-i nearly had to order my own one from thats how bad my h2b is for cards..... in the end we went into town and i picked out a fiancee one with him-had to do the same with my birthday card..... he's not into cards at all and its really frustrating for me cos im mad into cards-i wouldnt care if i got no present but id be really miffed with no card!!!!!!! he told me last week that because we'd be married next year there'd be no need for valentines cards at all, he might have been just winding me up but........ i was NOT amused >:o( >:o(