Got wedding this weekend I'll be 9 weeks...need your help!

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
Ok as heading says I have a wedding this weekend, my main issue is trying to keep it quiet! What are the tricks? One of the girls who will be at my table is notorious for going around asking if ur pregnant and watching u drink. She even tricked one of the other girls into telling the sex of my friends baby. So I know even if ppl cop on, majority of ppl won't say it. But she is already on my case and I know she will watch me like a hawk and then just blab it! I need your secret agent help to disguise it!!!
Flapjack Posts: 308
God, I can't stand people like that! It's such a private thing! Obviously make sure to ask for wine with dinner, and put it to your mouth every now and again. Hopefully she won't notice that it's not going down. It would be great if your hubby could take a gulp or 2 when no one is looking! Move your glasses close to each other, and hopefully no one will notice if he lifts your glass - then you can even ask for a top up of wine! Keep a glass in your hand throughout the night and keep "sipping" on it. If you move onto something other than wine, you could see if your OH could just get the mixer for you - it might be hard if someone hears him at the bar though. Apart from that I think it's pretty hard to keep it quiet. Don't even try the "I'm on antibiotics" line - everyone knows it's code for "I'm pregnant" :D
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Oh Luckylass I feel your pain, we were at a wedding last week when I was 10 weeks and I normally don't drink all that much anyway (wouldn't be at all unusual if I didn't drink at all) but it was the topic of conversation the whole night. One girl came straight out and asked me infront of about 5 friends and 2 complete strangers? Some of the lads were asking hubby if the "rumour" was true :eek :eek :eek They just wouldn't let it go. We aren't ready to tell people our news yet, we only told our parents last week so we were not prepared to tell friends and even if we were, we were there to celebrate our friends wedding, I was hardly going to steal her lime light by announcing our pregnancy? I took the routine of not even pretending to drink as I really didn't think it would be noticeable considering I didn't drink the day of or the day after our own wedding :o0 :o0 :o0 Just keep your cool & don't give in, hubby was worse than me I have to say, he didn't really know how to brush off the remarks?
dea aveta Posts: 254
Sodawater and a dash of lime always worked for me! As the sodawater bottles are so small they don't get served in a 'mineral' glass so it looks like a regular vodka.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
if you would normally be a bulmers drinker, you could get your DH to get you glasses of cidona at the bar- and hey presto- bulmers draught! :o0
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Tell the hubby loudly that you'd like a vodka and soda water and a dash of lime from the bar. Then let him off. Hell come back with drink sans vodka and it looks like you've ordered a vodka.
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I was 6 weeks pregnant at my brothers wedding and no-one knew. We were "both" drinking Jack and Diet Cokes. If someone bought me a drink I'd tip the Jack into hubbies glass when no one was looking. Poor hubbie was a little worse for wear but we got away with it :o0 A lot of bars do Paulener or Erdinger non-alcoholic beers so if your decant into a pint glass at the bar and aren't spotted, no one would know
confusedmum2012 Posts: 325
first of all congrats lucky lass! I sympathise as I had to keep my pregnancy at 8 weeks secret at my own wedding :eek :-8 and pretty much did the same as flapjack mentioned, had a glass of wine near me at all time through dinner (even though the thought of putting it to my lips made me feel sick!) and moved onto mixers. Found it handy when the evening progressed and there were lots of half empty drinks so if someone offered to get one I could point at one of the drinks and say 'I've got one thanks!' Annoyingly a couple of times someone got me a 'lemonade' which tasted suspiciously like vodka and I had to pass it to hubby. Only one person copped on and asked but I brushed them off. If you wanted to announce it then you would, people just shouldn't ask! O:| Hope you enjoy the wedding and manage to avoid questioning! :wv
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
A bottle of beer in your hands at all times, that you pretend to swig from is yer only man. Pretending to drink is (sadly) the only way to get out of telling people, becase in Irish society the ONLY reason we think anyone could POSSIBLY be sober is pregnancy! My friend got pregnancy winks for drinking light beer, which had alcohol in it, just clearly not enough for people not to shut their yaps speculating was she pregnant! You cant win, you'll have to pretend.
BobbiR Posts: 150
If your a beer drinker after the dinner buy a bottle of beer and then sneak off to the toilet and pour out the beer and fill the bottle up with water. I know it might not taste the best but a least your can sip away and when some one offers to buy you a drink you can accept and do the same thing again without people getting suspicious. Best of luck i had to attend a wedding in greece when i was 6 weeks, i only found out the week before we went so i feel you pain. I had to try and hide it for 5 whole days