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Pebblemilis Posts: 10
Hi all, My partner of almost 8 years just proposed and surprised me by having booked our wedding in Gougane Barra 2 years ago and never said a word!!! anyway he never booked a priest O:| and you have to bring your own to Gougane Barra. Does anyone have contact details for priests who will officiate a wedding at Gougane Barra. It's this June (2016) so i'm completely freaking out as can't book venue for afters until I know for certain we can get a priest and definitely have wedding at Gougane Barra. Thanks xxx
missmaw Posts: 59
Hi Pebblemilis, First of all congratulations on the engagement!! Gougane Barra you are a very lucky lady!!! Did you Come across the list of solemnisers on www.groireland.ie? If you don't get any specific recommendations from the lovely ladies here you might use it to find a priest from a parish close to Gougane Barra who can do the wedding for you. Just an idea
esla2016 Posts: 214
What did the oratory say when you asked them about getting a priest recommendation? Would be worth ringing macroom and ballingeary parish offices to ask them
Janeymac77 Posts: 9
I logged onto this forum to ask exactly the same question!!! But I've done a bit of ringing around this afternoon and have got Fr Joe O'Mahony in Macroon to officiate - he seems really lovely! Good luck.....