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imawolly Posts: 268
Hi wollies, need a bit of help here - just about to order my Dessy BM dresses from gownsales.ie, but am having a dilly of a pickle with the sizing chart. Has anyone ordered off them, and if so could you let me know how the sizes relate. I know there's a chart, but doesn't seem logical...I'd normally be a size 12, which would be american around a 8/10 but by the chart is more a 10/12....confused is not the word Any help gratefully accepted girlies xoxo
havemovedon Posts: 2013
I'm hoping to order my BM dresses here too after Christmas. I would go with your measurements, don't assume that because you're a size 12 here you'll be a size 8 in America. Bridal and BM dresses are usually small fitting. Better you have a dress that's a size too big than a size too small, it will need to be altered anyway. I'm either a 10 or a 12 in clothes shops here but my wedding dress from the US is a size 10 (Irish size 14) and it's more like an Irish size 10!
lin2010 Posts: 46
Hi imawolly this might be of no help to you but I experienced the same problem when ordering my dress a few hours ago. I am a UK 12. Everyone told me to order a US 8 because they are 2 sizes smaller than ours, however when I took the measurements they were in line with US 12. I contacted the shop via email and asked for their advice because I was so confused O:| They replied and said to take the measurements and round them up to the dress size e.g. my waist was 30" and bust 38.5" so that rounded to the US 12... In the end I didnt actually order the US 12 I ordered US 10 because my dress is lace-up at the back which allows you 1-2 sizes up or down.... So sorry you're probably even more confused....I'm confused myself after this :eek
Quiglep Posts: 150
Hi I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from them. They re fantastic to deal with by the way. My internet was down so I rang them just as well because as soon as I read out measurements she knew by the hip to bust ratio that id done it wrong. Sizes would have been messed up! She told me to remeasure which I did. I rang them back and gave them the measurements she then told you can choose this size or this size. They always give you a choice as they cant be responsible for recommending a size and it been to big or to small. I went for bigger sizes for all and got exta length on all. When the dresses came I expected them to be hugh but they werent they did need to be altered but only a few inches at hips and top of straps. If you re in doubt you follow your largest measurement and look that up on the chart then order that size, So if your 32 waist but 36 bust and 38 hips you d take the hip measurement find the equivalent size and order that one. Better to big than to small!
little squishy Posts: 559
Hey im about to order mine from there too, Im going with the measuring cart, and then going an inch up to get a better fit. On the dessy size chart the US 14 is a 32 waste, so if your bm's are normally a 30 or 31 inch waste I go with that size I think. well I think thats what im gonna do! My BM tried the dress im getting in a shop and she normally a 12 but it was a US 14 so gonna stick with that size and get it taken in
imawolly Posts: 268
Thanks Wollies
mkb Posts: 1744
hi folks. I ordered a dress from gown sales earlier in the year, I also have my bm dress on order from them also. I order an american size 10 from them, it came in and it is a size 12, so if you go from that. an irish 12 will be a us 14 and so on. hth oh just be carefull because alot of american designers have their own sizing system so apply they above to their sizing chart and you should be fine.
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
hi everyone Hope I can help you out. I ordered watters and watters dresses off Gownsales back during the summer. My BM's were a size 10 European and so I ordered the equivalent of a size 12 European. We tried on the dresses in the shop first, took the size of it and then ordered the next size up. It worked for us the girls have very little alterations to do. Just length, hips and boobs but it was all done in 1 fitting. I was very happy with the quality, colour and size. Highly recommend Gownsales :wv :wv