GP appointments after baby is born

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poppy1 Posts: 596
At the mo i have 2 gps - a femail for womens problems and a male gp who i have been seeing for yrs for other things. (and he is a family friend) When you have your six wk check up after the baby is born do they have to check how things are down below??? cause if they do ill just stick with the female gp for all my pregnancy related stuff... confusing i know
luigi Posts: 867
Mine didnt, but I was having hospital treatment so she said she didnt need to. Other girls I know have said that they didnt get looked at unless they reported a problem with stitches. They may want to examine your breasts though, and also they prod your tummy to see if the uterus has gone down so if you feel more comfy with a woman then maybe its best. Our doctor surgery only had the female doctor doing these examinations anyway- maybe yours is the same?
grumpy Posts: 1280
Mine didn't, she said there's no point in checking so early as things are not going to be back to normal at that stage, and a lot of tests come back with incorrect findings. I just got a general check up, but have to go back for a smear in 3 months (which will be 6 months after the birth).
chilledout Posts: 834
My GP just felt my belly to make sure everything was back into place. He just asked were my stitches OK, didn't have a look. I was told as well there's no point in a smear until 6 months after the birth.