gp costs in dublin

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jan8 Posts: 554
girls how much are you paying per gp visit in dublin? my gp is 60 and i'm really starting to think she's a bit of a cheek given "the current climate!". i was looking at brochure today for primacare in dundru and it's 50 a go, and 40 if you're a member or something... need to look into it more! i'm happy with my gp but think i might change to someone else if others have lowered their prices... i was thinking of saying it to her on my next visit but i know i'd chicken out :-8
Daff Posts: 11644
I pay €55. I'd love to have the guts to say I want a discount but I really like my GP. It took me years to find one that I was happy with and one that I'm happy to bring my family up with him looking after their health. I had to beg to get onto his books as it was and needed a referral from a friends BIL who's a surgeon that knows him! He does look after me too. I was there a lot in January and spent a fortune and the next visit he gave it to me free and put it down as pregnancy related which I thought was very nice of him.
strawberries1 Posts: 1245
Well mine is also 60 and my OH is 55 so I think that the prices unfortunately are still high in Dublin.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Mine is €50, €35 for a repeat/follow on visit, €25 for a repeat prescription. This seems reasonable for Dublin but really it's a ridiculous price to be paying. In France there was outrage recently when they tried to up the gp fees to €26!
jan8 Posts: 554
yeah she gave me a prescription last august and i'd to go back after 3 weeks just to check tabs were agreeing with me and she charged me the full whack again! let's not even start comparing health system with france it'd be depressing...
Elphaba Posts: 741
Jesus I'm lucky then! €45 for a visit, and if I need a repeat visit for th same problem its free, and he's says he charges for repeat scripts but he will never take money for them. In fairness we've been with him for about 18 years, and I use to travel to go back to him even when I lived in a different county.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My GP costs €55 but I get €25 per visit back on my health insurance so ultimately it's €30 a visit!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
i pay €50 in drumcondra for a fab GP. i hate docs generally, my childhood/family doc wasn't a fan of but love this lady O:o)
MeSB Posts: 3785
jan8 Posts: 554
walle i wonder have we hte same one i'm always waiting ages!!