GP visit necessary to confirm pregnancy?

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Girls, I got my bfp today on second pregnancy. On my first pregnancy doc didn't do test or bloods to confirm pregnancy. She basically asked me what hospital I'd be going to & if I'd be doing the combined care & took €55 off me :-( I'd rather not have to pay that again for nothing. I'm hoping to do the domino scheme at the rotunda & I've rang & left them a vm. I'm just wondering if a gp visit is necessary?
nelswife Posts: 3869
I didnt get it confirmed this time, i was going to see him about something else a couple of weeks later so i said it to him then that i was pregnant and planned on doing the combined care. Like you didnt see the pont in paying him €60 to confirm what i knew when i had to go see him a couple of weeks later over another issue. I know though with combined care i had to sign a form that he had to send off to say i was doing combined care. Not sure how it works with the Domino scheme, maybe give your docs office a call and ask them, maybe you could just pop in to sign the form at the reception desk rathen then paying to see doc when you dont have too
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Congrats buttercup, delighted for you. I dont understand why your doc would charge you as the day I went in to my doc to get it confirmed she said all your pregnancy related visits are completely free and she got me to sign something etc. how are they getting away with charging you? #worldgonemad
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
I did question the charge & she said they were all free AFTER the first visit :-/
ciaraella Posts: 5323
[quote="buttercupbabe":1fai6vhk]I did question the charge & she said they were all free AFTER the first visit :-/[/quote:1fai6vhk] This is what i was told too, €60 for a pregnancy test and a letter >:o(
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
a bit cheeky isnt it! ah well you're pregnant and thats just fantastic news! xx
Hollylol Posts: 1072
Same as that Mrs P. My doc didn't charge me either and took bloods etc. That is outrageous that others are charging
Positive2012 Posts: 481
On my first pregnancy i went to the doctor and she charged me €50 for confirming the pregnancy and on my second i went to a different doctor in the same practice and he didn't charge me anything said all the pregnancy related appointments are free so it goes to show each of them are different.
annonTTCer Posts: 532
i'm combined care too and with each pregnancy i was told that all pregnancy related, including the first were free. Its scandalous that some doctors charge its the biggest waste of 50-60 euro as some doctors dont even do a pregnancy test,
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Ya I got charged when I went and he didn't even do a pregnancy test, told me sure if you got a positive pregnancy test at home then that's fine. Like the OP's he said he charged for the first visit and it was free after that. Oh and I had bp issues when I was pregnant and then sciatica after and once the 6 weeks was up after DS was born he charged me for the follow up's, even though to my mind I was going to him for pregnancy related issues. I never signed something to do combined care either.