GP visit today??

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Elvis has left the building Posts: 36
Hi Girls, I have a GP visit today and don’t really know what to accept. :-8 Will it just be a case of taken my BP ect? Would the doctor be able to tell me if everything is ok? Like if there is a heart beat or do I have to wait for my first scan which is in 5 weeks time. I just can’t seem to relax at the moment and haven’t slept in weeks worrying that all is not ok, I’m driving DH insane. O:| I just want the next few weeks to be over so I can enjoy being pregnant. Does anybody else feel like this or am I slightly mad. Thanks Galileo
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Try not to panic honey but I know it's easier said than done! It's too early for the doc to pick up a heartbeat at this stage but explain your worries to him/her and hopefully you will get some reassurance? Do you have any specific reason to be worrying or are you just a worrier? If you are worried due to lack of symptoms, try not to - it's so early in your pregnancy and plenty of people don't have the really obvious symptoms like morning sickness and huge boobies. You will definitely see a heartbeat if your scan is at 12 weeks - I know it seems ages away but if there are no signs of anything wrong, you will just have to assume all is ok. The doc will check your urine in any case. Best of luck today- let us know how you get on!
Elvis has left the building Posts: 36
Thanks Sphynx, I'm not really a worrier by nature, it just there has been a history of problems in the family and I had spotting earlier on. I'll try to relax - oh god wouldn't it great to go home and have a big glass of wine.