gp worried me today

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fifi28 Posts: 481
hi was at my gp this morning as have been getting panic attacks. she did the usual checks and when having a feel around my tummy said i really wasnt measuring up to my dates seemed too small for them. i had a scan at 12 weeks and again at 20 weeks and my dates were always bang on. she didnt really answer when i asked what she meant or if i should worry she just kept saying they'll scan me in the hospital at my appointment next Thursday. has anyone ever been told similar dont know how ill manage till next Thursday now worrying about this !
Emme Posts: 4735
Oh fifi I get so annoyed reading posts like yours - do GP's and medical people in general have a worry quota to fill. Like wannabumps post earlier I think you should ring and try and get a scan sooner or else see another GP. There just seems to be so much stressed caused by flippant comments and without giving a second thought to the feelings of the mother. :wv
leopardess Posts: 906
hi, i have never been told this, however if your dates were correct on last 2 scans i would not worry (if you can). some gps are overly cautious and just end up worrying the mother instead of helping. you could just have a nice little neat bump, she may have seen someone the same many weeks as you who had a huge bump and is just comparing. to be honest i dont think you can judge properly with just a feel. and for peace of mind at least you have a scan next thurs - imagine if you had to wait a few weeks. try not to worry :wv
fifi28 Posts: 481
thanks girls emme i did ring the coombe but the midwife was happy that once i was getting normal movements from babs next thurs was time enough for to see consultant. its just so annoying that i went to see doc because id had a panic attack and was quite obviously stressed out and instead of coming out feeling better im even more stressed now O:|
leopardess Posts: 906
would you consider a diff gp? sounds to me like she didn't listen to you at all!! and then she didn't answer your 2 questions of concern. the last thing you need is your gp stressing you out she should be reassuring you that everything is ok >:o(
Emme Posts: 4735
I'd take reassurance from the midwife over the GP anyday - not just saying that! If babs is happy kicking away then try to relax and enjoy it. I know easier said then done. I'd be more mad at the GP than worried! >:o(
einstein Posts: 485
Hi Fifi, the early scans give really acurate dates and docs tend to go by these. So dont worry. I would contimplate changing doctor. Thurs will be here before you know it and will put your mind at ease. You are probably just neat....which is great!
littlechick Posts: 758
Try not to worry, my sister was told her baby would be 5.5 or 6 lbs and it ended up he was 7 lbs 2 :eek :eek They dont always get these things right!! :thnk
Diamondz Posts: 2208
In my experience the GP's don't know what they are talking about half the time!!! I would definitely only listen to the advice of your midwife or consultant... I don't want to be mean to GP's but they have given me bad advice that has been contradicted by the hospital on a number of occasions O:| I would ignore the GP's comments and try to relax given the advice of your midwife.... Feel better soon :action32
Wanna Bump Posts: 117
Hi Fifi I'm with Emme on this one! During the week comments about the size at the stage I'm at (only 7 weeks by the way) were made to me too and totally upset me and even though I went back again and got some reassurance I still wish i hadn't been made feel more worried by a doctor of all people. They really don't realise how much we take on every little expression on their faces or how quickely or slowly they talk etc sorry a bit of OCD on my part but I totally understand were you are coming from. If you are still worried then put your foot down ring again and explain your far too worried and stressed about your experiance at your gps and see if its possible even to be seen on Monday or something.. I was even on the web today looking up how to think positively and stay positive when pg. I never thought I'd worry so much about anything in my life. I hope you will be ok I'd take the advice of the midwife and try to just believe in that. Writting down how you feel and breathing excersises can really help with panic attacks my lil sis gets them really bad and this works for her also try and stay busy too HTP.