Graceface re: campervans

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kalise25 Posts: 46
Did you try these people? [url:1uk7le63][/url:1uk7le63]
willful Posts: 6822
I can't open that site in work but Mr.W was saying there's a place in Kerry that rents out vans for the weekends etc-is that it?
kalise25 Posts: 46
Retro Rentals are in Baltinglass Co. Wicklow - not heard of the Kerry company. Maybe these are the ones in Kerry? [url:jbruwybc][/url:jbruwybc] These ones do weddings specifically too. [url:jbruwybc][/url:jbruwybc]
willful Posts: 6822
[img:11fgj8sy][/img:11fgj8sy] :hyper: This is the exact same as our interior :lvs [quote:11fgj8sy]Chauffeur driven VW Deluxe 1970's Camper Van available for Weddings and other Special Occasions.[/quote:11fgj8sy] It's a bit crap that they don't give the exact model/colour etc........or at least a little pic!
sabride Posts: 250
Not sure what the original post was, but I rented one from Midleton a couple of years back to go to Electric Picnic - cost 1000 but it was a 6-berth and we had it for a week, so took an extended holiday after the festival!
kalise25 Posts: 46
Graceface is looking for a VW camper (I think!) [url:1u3fn4oa][/url:1u3fn4oa]
graceface Posts: 3632
only seeing this now!! Thank you so much, will definitely look into all of these companies. Want to surprise h2b on our wedding day, it would mean so much to him :lvs :o)ll yay!!!