Granny with attitude

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pinky_winky Posts: 527
I was driving along earlier and i saw a Granny giving a big poster of Bertie the finger, with great conviction. I nearly crashed it was fucking hilarious nearly as funny as the time an ambulance wizzed by and a granny walkind down the road pulling her shopping trolley blessed herself but forgot about the take away cup of tea in her hand. Shouldnt be funny but it just is!
Little Mrs Mc Posts: 577
:o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
ah ha ha gas stuff
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
:o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
wowee Posts: 1596
I shouldn't laugh... but I have too :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
gogogirl Posts: 1071
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Mama Smurf Posts: 1447
*Muffin* Posts: 7243