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Foxylady1 Posts: 381
Hi all, have you ever heard of Green Angel?? Their products are all natural and from seeweed stuff and is made in Ireland by an Irish couple. Its kind of dear enough so dont want to buy anything yet without getting any feedback. Anyone use any of the products???
MrsBump Posts: 869
yep!! I got a present of 2 products for mothers day last yr, a hand cream and a body lotion, smelt divine and was v.good, I'd def buy it again, also I have v sensitive skin, cant use some washing powders and produts etc and had no prob will these, I got some for my mom also and same feed back, she loved them!! I had face cream for her, the one for older skin and she said she noticed in diff in her skin!!! had totally forgotten about these products til u said it!! must get my hands on some more :)
Foxylady1 Posts: 381
Yeah i love that when you forget you have something and only when someone mentions it you remember you have it!! I might try some products so, you can buy them in some chemists, pity their not in Boots, stock up on some points!!!