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liriel Posts: 2
O:| Hi girls I really need to let off steam, have no one else to talk too.... have been TTC since february. Am so unbelievably broody. just found out the other day that a girl in work i really dont get on with got preggers by "accident". I had just got AF the day before and felt upset enough. The team in work went out for a meal that night and the older people i work with asked how married life was (married in april) and starting harping on that your not really married till you have a baby!! I tried to laugh it off but just wanted to cry. Any one else feel like they are going round in circles to conceive while others just need to sneeze and they get pregnant. Cant stop looking at her bump and i just want to cry all the time. Im sure its just hormones at the moment, but how do i remain upbeat and not completly obsessed with TTC? Have only told one person that we are TTC. Cant even talk to my mam, she keeps telling not to even think about babies for a few more years, very supportive. Have be diagnosed with cystic ovaries so I knew it would take ages TC but I just want to be pregnant now! Any one any advice on how to not let it all get to you? I know this all sounds awfully dramatic but its really getting me down its taking so long and now i have to be around HER all the time.
NotHere Posts: 10273
Ah liriel you sound so down :action32 Don't worry, what you're feeling is perfectly natural but don't let it take over. I'm sure the feelings of jealousy will pass and you'll be happy for this girl. Have you been concentrating a lot on temps, dates etc? Maybe you should take a leaf of of Mama Sugars book and ease up on all the planning and nature might take it's course on it's own? Good luck... :babydust:
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hi Liriel, I hear you hun! Its so hard when people are that insensitive. I feel bad for being depressed that we didn't conceive on honeymoon. I have been pregnant twice before (unplanned) and took my first pregnancy test where I cried when it was negative!!! I know it'll be hard with girl you work with. I lost my daughter at full-term and one of girls at work was pregnant with twins, then 2 months after they were born she was pregnant again with twins. Everyone said how awful it was, and how would she cope, and I was thinking "she got 4, and my daughter was taken from me" People just don't think. We have wanted a baby for the past year, but said we would wait til after wedding. I am so broody its not funny, and my cycle is 41 days so only have bout 9 or 10 times ayear instead of usual 12 for possibility of pregnancy. Good luck! I hope it happens for you soon. Regarding the girl at work, just remember that unplanned doesn't mean unwanted. Someone told me to just relax and not be so stressed about TTC, so that may work. Easier said than done though..........