Green Ronald Joyce Bridesmaides dresses

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mandy2 Posts: 17
Hi All I have three Ronald Joyce Bridesmaid dresses for sale. I got married in 2008 and they are in perfect condition. Sizes: 2 x 12 and 1 x 14. All worn by tall girls (all above 5ft 7 so they have loads of room for alterations) They are a shot taffetta and have a slift siler undertone in the light. They are well boned and very flattering on. I am willing to ket the three go for €200. They were orginally €290 each. PM me for a picture. [/img]
spritzer Posts: 625
Just sent you a pm :wv
smurfette2212 Posts: 749
Just pm'ed you :)
lunasa2010 Posts: 335
Just sent you a PM!!!
mkb Posts: 1744
pm'd you
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
Just pm'd you :wv
mandy2 Posts: 17
Sorry girls I should have put the picture up at the beginning for you all to see. This is the best one I have but the colour is not as dull as this. Hope you get the idea. IMG][/IMG]
mandy2 Posts: 17
That didn't work Try the direct link below. ... edress.jpg
lunasa2010 Posts: 335
Oh wow!! Gorgeous!!
Jess1241 Posts: 12
Hi the dress looks fab. Have you got any more pics? I am looking for dresses exactly like these.