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Babogbeag Posts: 1057
DD in a 2.0 M&S grobag Sleeveless vest Babygro Very hard to find a 1.0 tog bag? Please let me know where you can get these. Thought she was a bit sweaty on her back when took her up this a.m. plus she woke between 4-5am (first time in 3 weeks). Only in the gro bag a second night so am wondering is she too warm and is that why she woke. GROBAG temperature guage says 21.1 but her room felt nice n cool. DD only 12 weeks so dont know if can get usual pyjamas with the feet out at the end. Yours confused. O:| O:|
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
I got a 1tog grobag thing in Mama's and Papa's. They have them all the time. I just got a new 2.5tog one in M&S for DD the other day. The nights have been a bit chilly, very hard to know what to dress them in. Usually short sleeved vest, PJ's and grobag.
poster Posts: 311
tk maxx are normally good for the 1.0 tog
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I think Hipbaby has 1 tog on her site - AFAIK I got one last year from her DD1 gos in hers with a T Shirt & PJ bottoms at the mo. DD2 not in one yet but will be in a short sleeved vest and babygro when I put one on her in a couple of weeks (she is still quite small at the mo)
wifin Posts: 4761
I saw loads of 1.0 Tog grobags in the Mothercare in Carrickmines at the weekend and the Medicare shop in Kilmacanogue has loads too. Our house must be fierce cold :-8 My LO is in a 2.5 Tog with a vest and babygro and is only just warm enough.
poster Posts: 311
I'd rather have my baby too cold then too warm. If your baby is too cold to sleep they will let you know fairly quickly!! There are risks with overheating a child. My first baby was a winter baby and I used to be fretting that he was cold at night, his little hands always felt cold when I'd pick him up for a feed. A babies extremities can be cold, its not a sign that the rest of his body is cold. Feel his/her chest for a better idea what way he is temperature wise.
Babogbeag Posts: 1057
CHeers wedjul05 - hope you well. Typical got a present of 2.5 from mamas and papas 0 - 6 mth. Will use that later in to the year before she outgrows it. Thanks for the other tips aswell ladies. Might try hipbaby
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I have no experience of this yet as I haven't used grobag just yet (have bought one) but have read a lot about them. Babies don't usually wake up for been too warm. That's one of the problems with over heating babies, most don't react to been too hot. Before using grobag did you wrap baby in blanket or just put it over her? If DD was previously wrapped tightly in blanket and is now put into grobag, I read somewhere that babies take a little while to get use this as they don't feel as secure as they did in the blanket so they advice to wrap something light (i.e sheet, muslin cloth) around grobag so they feel the same sense of security and that each night you put it a little loser until you can rid of it altogether.
marianf Posts: 5845
i got my grobags in TK Maxx. Have 1 tog and 2.5 tog. Using 1 tog at the moment. My understanding is if your room temp is 22 degrees you use 1 tog bag plus babygro or long sleeve top. If its 24 degrees, its bag and vest or short sleeve top. For a while we used to think that the guidelines were strange because the room felt chilly. After a while we realised if we followed the directions properly that DS slept much better even though it felt to use like he'd be cold.
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Check this out: (there's a clothing guide if you scroll down the page) ... -i-18.html We have DS in a 1.5 tog (mothercare) and vest + babygro at the moment (it's 19 degrees in his room at night). A couple of weeks ago when it was much warmer at night had him in just babygro and grobag. If it drops to 18 degress will consider putting him back in the 2.5 tog I always feel the back of his neck when I'm going to bed, and he seems grand at the moment. Babies temps dip slightly at night too so don't worry if they are not roasting