Groin Pain!!!

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silver bullet Posts: 176
Hi everyone not sure if anyone can help here but any advice would be greatly welcomed. I have agonising pain on the left side of my groin for nearly 4 weeks now and its driving me nuts. I can't go for a walk or go up the stairs without being in complete agony. I've been to my GP and he said it was muscle pain but its not getting any better. I rang the materntity hospital yesterday to see if they could help was told it could be ligaments stretching and to rest and do some gentle stretches which i have been doing. Its really starting to bother me I'm 24 weeks now and feel totally down and useless from being in pain the whole time.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Hi it sounds like SPD/Pelvic Girdle Pain to me. I have it at the front mostly on left side of pelvis/groin and is getting sorer lately. Lots of advice on here. Best things are keeping your knees together getting in and out of bed, car, take steps one at a time, avoid stretching groin area too wide. ou should contact physio dept in the hospital-they will give you excercises and a support belt to help you. I can't walk very far either so was advised to swim-it takes the weight off the area.
Scrummy Posts: 183
I get a shooting pain in the front-middle part of my public bone. Im wondering what this could be. Often wakes me up and when Im sitting in car it can be quite painful too. I thought it was normal
Emme Posts: 4735
Same here, it gets worse! I've done physio which helped but I also started sleeping on my right hand side to alleviate all the weight being on my left all night, has really helped. DH has been banned to the other side of the bed!
silver bullet Posts: 176
Thanks for the advice ladies. Mrs.july sounds like you're nearly describing whats wrong with me perfectly its mostly on my left side but can travel across when its really bad. I have a check up appointment next week so i'll try and get them to show me some exercises i can do to help unfortunately I can't swim so that won't help walking was my main exercise which i loved to get me out of the house guess thats out the window now.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
I can't swim either but even just being in water helps cos your body doesnt have as much strain on it. You can also hold onto the bar and let your body drift up and do gently cycling exercises etc with legs-theres no weight on your back or pelvis so its not too hard. Check out the SPD thread i bumped it up for you. HTH