Groom Seeking Help on Speech Preperation

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Smiggy Posts: 16
Hi The title says it all. The big day is only a couple of weeks away now. I've been putting off preparing about my speech coz I'm not looking forward to it - But it's come to the time where I can't put it off anymore. Does anyone have any good links for tips or sections of speech I could edit and reuse? Anything at all would be a help. Thanks in advance for any help.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Right my advice to you is to speak from the heart!! I've pm'd you with a little more detail... As regards links, try to stay away from the American speeches as they actually are very very cheesy. Here's a link for a UK site that may be able to help. ... bridegroom
princessp Posts: 86
yeah i agree...say what you feel and if you are feeling nervous keep it short i know there is pressure to be funny but i personally think if its a really touching speech that will be just as nice if not better....hope this helps
scotswedding Posts: 2829
There's loads of books out there on groom/ best man speeches. But it is obvious if you go to a few weddings who has read them- especially with the horrendously cheesy jokes. As the girls above have said, speak from your heart. Perhaps read a book or look on a web site about dealing with nerves or that but do the rest yourself. Test it out on a brother or best friend to see if they think you should tweak it a bit.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Although it may not feel like it, the groom's speech is actually the easiest on the day. First things first, decide what you want to say! I know that sounds stupid, but before you ever get caught up in the structure and the jokes and all that kinda stuff, have a think about what it is you want to say to your guests. There are a few formalities like thanking certain people that will be dealt with in the links you've been given. Ultimately you should toast the bridesmaids, so you're working towards that. Outside of that, you probably want to tell them a bit about your wife, maybe a story about how you met, whatever. It is NOT your job to entertain the guests (that's the best man's job) so keep it short, to the point, and YOURS, not somebody else's. Don't sit down with a pen at first. Think about it in the shower in the vaguest terms: "what would I like to say". Once you've figured that out, everything gets a lot easier.
Smiggy Posts: 16
Thanks to everyone who's helped me with this. What is it, 4 hours later I have my speech pretty much written. 3 A4 pages in font 11....not a bad amount. Not too long or too short....I estimate I'll deliver it in 9 or 10 minutes which is just about right I think. Thanks a million.
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Best of luck, sure you'll be great :o)ll
Curly Miss Posts: 473
Good on you. Couple of tips for ya: Practise it out loud a couple of times to see how it flows, you'll have an idea how long it takes then too (remember we tend to speak faster when we're nervous). Maybe even get someone to listen if you're happy to do that. Try to look around the room at everyone as you're speaking, if you're shy about making eye contact then just look at people's foreheads - always works for me! Best of luck!