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foobi39 Posts: 38
Hi all, Have any of you been to a wedding or have now husbands who were genuinely petrified about giving a speech at the wedding. My h2b is refusing to give a speech, he's a confident enough guy but just hates public speaking. Looking for ideas to overcome or other ideas instead, I'm not mad about giving a speech ether but feel like one of us has to do something. Thanks x
MrQ Posts: 1085
I was at a wedding where the Groom did not make a speech and the Bride made the speech instead. She got through the same protocol as the Groom would have, even saying how beautiful she looked, sadly she never thanked the Groomsmen. :o( Everybody looks apprehensive making a speech especially the ones you expect to be good at public speaking. What I always tell people to do is when you're looking around the room during your speech you don't want to make eye contact(unless speaking directly to somebody like the MILs for their gift or your new bride). Either pick a point above people's head on the wall and stare at the centrepiece of the table. You won't see people's eyes or expressions and you will get through your speech easier.