Grooms Suits? When?

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beckyjustbecky Posts: 402
When is the groom supposed to have his suit ordered for the wedding? Its over 7 months to go and nothing!!! Should I give him a kick up the bum or are we good to wait for another while? Also, Who all has to get suits... men-wise... We are having 1 best man and 1 grooms man. We have both fathers and my 3 brothers who will be ushering at the wedding... Who's suit hire are we expected to pay for? Help!
MrsGG2010 Posts: 494
we went in last yr to look at suits so h2b tried few on & we booked in with hire place just in case they had loads gettin married our day & it isnt a franchise, went on Fri just gone for h2bs proper fitting for wedding day. we are paying for 2 dads, H2b. groomsman & bestman. H2b has no brothers & either do I. Hope this gives yoyu some help Becky.
luckyladee Posts: 2550
We have done nothing about mens suits yet either - H2B says he'll start looking 'after Christmas'. I'm hoping that should be enough time. We're having only the best man - so think we're only getting suits for H2B and him. Letting the dads dress themselves. They'd be happier that way anyway! :-)