Groomsman n best man gifts??!!!

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Joanne2006 Posts: 765
We were jus talkin about what we're gonna get for both as gifts.....waht are you all gonna get for ur men??! How much are you all spending also on them??!!Id love to have stuff put away now n be paying them off jus to spare the expense if ya know what i mean! Any help appreciated!!!! Jo
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
Gosh someone has to have at least a groomsman or best man at their wedding??!!!
anonbride08 Posts: 326
how about a nice leather wallet!!??? Or if they smoke maybe a silver cig lighter?
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
Leather wallet might be nice alright! Never thought of that! Neither smoke! Where cd ya get the likes of a nice wallet?!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
we are thinking of getting them a football jersey of whatever team they support
anonbride08 Posts: 326
Not sure where you are based but im sure Bests etc would do them - saw a thread before and someone was buying nice Prada ones on Ebay - if you were interesed in that! Save a fortune!
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
My ould fav place Ebay...never let me down yet!!!! Good thinkin!!! U know i can think a million of things for the girls but mind went blank for the men!!! Jersey another brill idea!!!! Thanks girls!
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
We're getting them silver cuff links (liverpoool crest as they are mad fans)
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
Thought of that for one of them but the others a young carefree kinda guy and not sure he'd get use of them??!! Anyone get tickets for a match of a team they support??!! Would that be awkward do ya reckon?! (one of them in England but cd get the other whos Irish some irish type??!)
s wife Posts: 1445
i was thinking of cuff links and maybe some funky socks and boxers with their titles on them i saw them in one of the wedding mags (just a little token) :wv