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adelz Posts: 3088
My friend wants to give her grooms men a small gift each on the day, what have you given yours or are giving yours? All suggestions greatly appreciated :wv
SharonS Posts: 53
We're getting the groomsmen cufflinks from newbridge silver. A friend of mine gave little silver hip flasks and an engraved zippo lighter for the best man. I suppose it just depends how much you want to spend
Mrs Stewart Posts: 443
I gave mine engraved flasks with their initials & the date along with a really nice whiskey to put in it. Also got them 'groomsman' & 'best man' socks, a mug & a zippo with flints & fluid. I made them & my DH a treasure hunt for the morning of the wedding which led them to the gifts! :) We then also paid for their rooms with their girlfriends the night of the wedding. And obviously covered suit hire & bought one of them shoes as he didn't have black ones of his own.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I wouldn't give hip flasks/engraved tankards. Dh has a few of them from various weddings and they're never used. Cufflinks are a better choice. I think paying for accommodation is also good.
MrQ Posts: 1085
Received cuff links and groomsman socks a few weeks ago myself. Both never to be used again. Got watch and belt set before and at least they are used. At least with the ladies they can use the shoes and jewellery again so the same thought should really apply to the men, where a budget allows. I'd go with a watch as it is what I'm buying for my two for mine this year.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks a million for that, will def give thought to it all
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Cufflinks which they wore on the wedding day. Also a Bluebook Voucher. And Accomodation, Suit Hire etc paid for.
noplanm Posts: 30
Another option if the suits arent too expensive you could be the suits.They would have them for life and would be used on numerous occassions after the wedding
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks very much great ideas :wv