Group 1 car seat - which one?

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december29 Posts: 395
We have started looking into which car seat we need to get next. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Also, is it worth getting the isofix this time round as well? Our neighbour told us that they are safer than the ones with the seat belt? this true? I thought it was more of a convenience thing and since you wouldn't be taking the car seat in and out like the maxi cosi and didn't see the point? But if they are safer I would get it. any recommendations would be great thanks
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
We got the Maxi-Cosi Toby a few weeks ago, I love it and so does DS .... no probs with it so far...easy to attach seatbelt etc... brought another one back two weeks ago as I was not too happy with it, but would definately recommend Maxi Cosit Tobi one..
december29 Posts: 395
thanks for that....will check it out!!!
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
After a LOT of research (I drove DH and Wollies mad with my questions :-8 ). I finally decided on the Maxi Cosi Priori. I originally wanted the Tobi but I've heard loads of reports from ppl who have not been happy with the straps. It seems to be a hit and miss problem, some have it some don't. We don't have isofix in the car so I settled on the Priori. The priorifix came top of it's class in the Which? Review but as this was unfortunately not an option we'll just get it without the isofix. The seat hasn't been bought yet so I may change my mind again. I'm going to check out if it's possible to get the isofix put in our car.
justwaitin Posts: 2462
went for the maxi cosi priorifix, had read great reports on it, ds is comfy in it and doesnt complain in it.