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dancerformoney Posts: 2733
i am 36 wks today and have been thinking bout this this week! im amazed its not routinely tested for when it can potentially be quite harsh on babs. im in uk and can get it done privately so im debating now what to do. i know the treatment and what they do and dont do in labour and induction etc. just wondering if anyone on their first baby has it, and how they found out etc seeing as its not tested for. has anyopne had it on first baby and didnt know? and now getting tested on second baby? a disjointed post but hope you get the jist!!
WorldsGreatestMum Posts: 249
Yeah it's an interesting one how different places can choose not to test. My ob/gyn sent me to a different guy for my group b strep as she was on holidays and he asked me was I sure I wanted to bother as it's not done in the UK where he trained. Well wasn't I glad I did as turned out I had it. Like you say when it's potentially lethal (though a very small chance) why take the risk on your own baby? I presume the NHS can justify it based on the tiny risk versus the cost but on your own baby it's different!
chocolate lover Posts: 521
Hiya,my doc suspected that i had it on my 1st when i had a smear done 3mths after my ds1 was born and was diagnosed with it.My ds1 developed a temp in labour and was taken to neo overnight,but was absolutely fine! On my 2nd pregnancy i wasnt tested for it,they jus treated me as if i still had it.Jus had antibotics 2 hrs b4 i gave birth and was grand,also i had only a 22mth gap between my 2,so mayb thats y they treated me as i still had it??
pag Posts: 633
I was told that it is not routinely tested because there is disagreement over whether it would be necessary - about a quarter of mums would test positive for it but v few babies become ill from it. From what I've read 35-37wks is best time as it would be more reliable then to conclude that mum still had it at birth. However this is quite late as it's nearly full term. Also testing positive just means you are a carrier - it isn't automatic that baby will get it and become ill. ... orn-babies for more info