Group B Strep testing

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boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Just reading this article on the DM, heartbreaking. :o( Its not routinely tested for in ireland either, so has anyone requested the test or been offered it? Is it something we should be pushing for just in case? Seems a big risk to take to hope for the best when a simple swab test can possibly save an otherwise healthy babies life! :eek I swear, our health system is really wearing me down lately, seems like there would be no difference giving birth in the depths of Africa sometimes, with the lack of services here!
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I'm very aware of this given I'm at risk for premature birth. I asked at the OB last week if I could have this test and the midwife offered to do it there and then. I'm a private patient however.
toureg Posts: 392
This test is available at request from your GP.... I would suggest that anyone out there when having their next smear if not pregnant at present or those who are pregnant when your at your next Gynae appt that you request to have it done... Horrible outcome for the poor parents... my heart goes to them :lvs
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Just saw a retweet on twitter this morning from someone whose friend lost their baby due to group B strep. Such a simple thing to prevent, yet babies are still dying from it, unreal! :o( How this is any different to vaccinating babies from other life threatening diseases like measles i dont know. If the health service had the same attitude towards that 'its not routine, we dont vaccinate against it, you're chances of catching it are low, only 1 in 4....' there would be uproar! I will definitely be speaking to my GP about it! The hospital offered me a OGTT despite the fact that i didnt have any of the triggers for gestational diabetes, but they are just offering it to everyone now as standard......i would have preferred to be offered this test as standard! :eek
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
It's not cost effective basically. The same premise on which anomoly scans are no longer offered. Even if you test positive, you may not pass it on. Even if you test negative, you may have it by the time you have the baby. Re anomoly scans, the majority don't show an issue and you're not offered a termination, so deemed not cost effective. I don't agree with these perspectives by the way, I am just pointing out the arguements made to me. I guess tough decisions have to be made in the HSE now. Across departments, like paediatrics, oncology etc. The real issue is the squandering of our tax payments - but I'm too tired to go there today. Especially typing on a Phone.
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
My G.P. did the swab test for strep b routinely near the end of my pregnancy. I'm going public in Limerick (combined care). It must depend on where you are based then I guess (like everything else in this country it seems >:o( )
Cairn Posts: 313
I am going public in Limerick and all woman get this test on their booking visit. A sterile urine sample is tested. If you have had it on a previous pregnancy you will also get a swab test at the end of the pregnancy even if your urine test is negative. I tested positive on my second baby and I had to have the antibiotics before labor. This time my urine sample was negative so I will be getting the swab test to ensure I am still negative for labor. I can't understand why hospital policies vary depending on where you live. In Limerick we don't get the 20 week scan so I suppose this is another example of different standards of care throughout Irish hospitals.
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
i tested positive before i had DD and had antibiotics prior to her delivery and everything was fine but on DS they never transferred that i was a carrier of group b strep and i even mentioned it at every appt and was fobbed off. long story short my DS was born and contracted group b strep and was very ill, he is lucky to be here. dont want to frighten anyone but i do feel it is important that people push for this test regardless of what consultants say.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Very scary stuff indeed. I'd never heard of this until it came back that I was positive when one of my urine samples was tested. Scary thing is it was being tested for a kidney infection so I do wonder would it have been caught otherwise....
BusyMom Posts: 717
I too will be asking about this at my gene appointment next week. I'm also in Limerick and when it was mentioned in a previous post, it jogged my memory...I did have to give a 2nd urine sample at my 12 week scan but I never took in what it was for, must ask when I'm in next week! I know that a negative result at 12 weeks doesn't mean that I'll still be negative when it comes to delivery, but I'll ask if they swab again later and if they don't d it in my gynes rooms, I'll get my GP to do it instead!