growth spurts?

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
are there certain times during pregnancy that baby gets a growth spurt? my baby has been going mental with the movement since 7pm last night - so much so that its getting uncomfortable now and i'm wondering if perhaps a growth spurt is happening or about to happen?
jmeath Posts: 5740
Im not sure about the extra movement but my god i feel massive this week...getting quite uncomfortable now!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I can't say I equate the baby being very active with growth spurts.. I find just before a spurt I could eat for the whole country and my bump gets quite tender, to the point were it can be sore if babs is kicking... I do get those days/nites though when babs is going mental in there... :wv
zoey Posts: 1574
I'm not sure about the growth spurts but maybe your baby is turning himself head down ready to go! I think that happens around the 30 week mark. I know at about 33 weeks I had a san and they told me that baby was breech (still facing head up with legs down). Then about a week later I had movement, wriggling, kicks and punching [u:3bzewtfm]all night long[/u:3bzewtfm]. I'd say I was black and blue on the inside! I had a GP appointment the following day and she felt my tummy and said that baby was now head down so that was what all the action in there was. Maybe that's what's going on with you too.
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
hi zoey - nope baby's been head down all along. i'm getting really painful kicks/punches just above my groin this morning - its like its hitting a nerve
Gingham Posts: 3014
I have found so far that the baby tends to go quieter before a growth spurt.. When the baby is going mad with movements which always seems to be when I am about to go asleep, I wake up and I know the baby has moved. It has always been head down but it moves from left to right and back again....i think now though its so big it can't move sideways and instead pushes its back against my bellybutton.... I get loads of little movements low down, its like little hands but I dunno what it is...I get a good few thumps in the bladder aswell which is really sore. there are so many nerves down there, it is hard to know!! Would love to know what it is doing in there at times!!!
babyluck Posts: 764
generally they say baby is quieter when have a spurt