Grr broke a nail

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miss choc Posts: 1270
Am trying to grow/varnish my nails for wedding in a weeks time :eek got them to a lovely length and my little finger nail goes right across the bottom O:| am I right in thinking a salon will do one gel nail for me as I dont need all them done. So hard to keep the nails out of harms way these last few days
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Awe you poor chicken, I know exactly how you feel, I'm trying to keep mine aswell cos I have mani on Saturday.... Anyway enough about me!!!! Yup you sure are right, they will do just one nail for you so not to worry my friend :lvs :lvs
miss choc Posts: 1270
Cheers was taking perfectil tabs which helped and rubbing in handcream but know matter how much filing I was doing couldnt save the blighter!! gonna book in for a fake nail for it and fingers crossed - no pun intended rest wont break within a week