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FastLane Posts: 252
This should probably be in Let off Steam, but thought someone might see and advise in here!! I'll try to keep this short, but am soooo annoyed so apologies in advance if this turns into a major rant! Ok, I recently bought 3 items from DP online, kept 1 and sent 2 back. Even though the returns receipt said postage would be free, the lady in the post office said that she almost always sees those packages returned to sender, so I paid 7.50euro to send them back. I was refunded for one item, but not the other. Now before I realised that the amount was wrong, I assumed I'd been refunded properly so threw out proof of postage while tidying my wallet.. typical! O:| When I discovered the amount was wrong, I logged into my online account and saw that both items showed up on the refund, but only one was credited back to me. I then sent a query about this via their website's 'contact form'. Got an email to say my query would be answered within 48 hours. A week later I sent another one as I still hadn't heard anything. Same email, but no response now after another 5 days. I put a query on DP's facebook page, and they said it would be passed onto their customer service team. No response. Today I called them, on a UK number, spent 15 minutes on hold, and eventually spoke to someone who said that the reason it wasn't refunded was because it wasn't received. I said that was impossible as both items were returned in one package, if one was refunded the other should have been too. The woman I spoke to said she understood this, but there was nothing I could do except send proof of postage. I said that this would only prove that a package had been sent, not what had been inside. She kept repeating this whenever I tried to ask anything or make a point. I asked to be put through to someone who could actually answer my question, and she said nobody was available. Eventually she agreed to take my number and get someone more senior to call me back. I'm not holding out much hope that anyone will. I am SO ANNOYED!!!!! O:| O:| Judging from the facebook page, I'm not the only one having this kind of trouble with DP! Any advice?!
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
I ordered shoes of Dorothy Perkins about two years ago. They were too small so I sent them back via regular post in the post office. You are meant to register the package so it doesn't get lost but it's so expensive I didn't bother. Anyways the package seemingly never made it to Dorothy Perkins and I was down the shoes & my money. I remember sending emails back and forth and there was no joy. they were really slow to reply aswell. I pity you arguing with that lot.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Keep ringing and ask to speak to a manager if you don't get anywhere. If you don't get a good enough response I'd put it on the Facebook page too. Don't go mad on it but just say you're not happy. I'm at the same crack today with new look, ordered 3 things including a tankini set nearly a month ago, got it last week and only got the bottoms, no top. I've emailed them twice and got an automated response saying they would contact me within 48 hours but still nothing. Rang them today, don't know how much that will cost me either and they're going to refund it. I still want the bloody set but they can't do that apparently, she said I could reorder it but I had a discount code last time so ill have to pay more now and ill have to pay delivery too! I can't buy a maternity swimsuit in any shop so my only option is online
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
I don't order from them anymore after orders that took weeks, and lots of other small niggly problems, and abysmal customer service.
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
I feel your pain girls. NOTHING more annoying!!
FastLane Posts: 252
Yep I got so annoyed earlier after the phonecall, my poor Mam got an earful when she got home! They seem to make it next to impossible to actually resolve complaints in these companies, it really made my blood boil!! Am trying to be zen about it now - first world problem after all!!
yorkie Posts: 375
Oh no!! I have a bag of stuff, including a pair of boots, to be sent back to dorothy Perkins!! Tried to return it in-store last week, they made a huge drama out of it as they aren't accepting returns in store since 20nov but my order was before this. She had to convert everything from sterling to euro....took forever. Then after 15 mins of faffing she was ready to refund and looked for the card I used online.... DH's card, which I didn't have!! Had to carry the whole fecking lot back to the car :-( Am I going to have to pay to post all back to the UK now?! With the boots and all it would cost a fortune! I got a free returns label & apparently since the new .ie website opened last week, all returns from Ireland will be free.
win Posts: 183
Hi, I feel your pain. I received an order today which I must return. I ordered on 18th Nov & was not aware of change in returns, always too to the local store. Do I now have to pay to return, it will be my last order.
win Posts: 183
Hi, I returned my items to the store today which I bought on the UK site, no problem. I asked if I could do this going forward with the € site and they advised no problem to return to the store, even though it states on the website, returns by post.
yorkie Posts: 375
Which Dorothy Perkins was that Win??