Grrrrr. Morning Sickness and Nutrition.

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walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired! 14 weeks + 3 days and have managed (for the most part) not to throw up for the last three days solely by eating nothing but popcorn, dry potatoes and toast, koka noodles, chipsticks and gingerale. Tried a green salad yesterday and threw it up instantly. So frustrated! My diet has NEVER been so bad.. this is not what I'd planned at all! I remember at the very start of my pregnancy I was eating 5-7 portions of fruit/veg a day and all the 'right foods'. For the last month, I'm eating absolute rubbish. The doctor says my baby is a 'parasite' who will take what s/he needs from me, no matter what. But how can s/he if I'm eating nothing healthy? I just want to eat nice, healthy food again. Anyone else been here? How do you get out of it? Do I just have to wait it out?
roxychick Posts: 1802
Yeah been there and there again now. Still can't eat very much most days. Don't worry though. I made up for it in the 2nd part of my pregnancy last time and my baby was 8lbs 10oz so it doesn't do them any harm in the long run. They'll get whatever they need in the little you're eating. HTH
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
I really feel for you, I was there myself. Normally very healthy eater but with the 24/7 sickness I could not eat my usual wholemeal bread or drink water, eat yoghurts etc. Only thing I could manage to eat was white bread, toasted cheese sandwiches, sometimes dinners and ginger biscuits. I normally don't drink fizzy drinks but like yourself all I could keep down was ginger ale AND it had to be fizzy. Once it went even slightly flat I had to start a new one. Ended up with lots of half drunk bottles of giner ale about the place :o0 Didn't matter what anyone recommended to help me over the sickness. The only thing that stopped it for awhile was lying down. Brought bags, ginger ale and ginger biscuits with me everywhere when I went for the 1st half of my pregnancy. Eventually it eased off by 20 weeks and I then could drink sparkling water and ate somewhat better. I really worried about the health of my baby but if it reassures you my little one is a year old now and really healthy, has hardly ever been sick and been fine at all her checkups. I know it's hard but you will get through it. When I was having really bad days with the sickness I would just think about something nice I would treat myself to when I felt better. I really hope it eases off for you soon. Take care and mind yourself.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i could only manage to stomach junk food during the first trimester. I was sick most days and for 2 weeks really sick - all day sickness!! All I could eat was dry white bread and jellies!!! Does the baby not get everything they need from the placenta though?
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I don't really understand it sunnygirl... I wish that all these bloody pregnancy books wouldn't bang on so much about nutrition when really many people have no real choice. I'd do anything to be out walking/swimming and having the variety of a healthy diet but my body is giving me very clear instructions to the contrary. Good to know other people ate trash and have healthy, happy babies to show for it though. Thanks girls.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
mrsbean, at my last check up, the consultant went through all my blood test results and said "oh you must have a very good diet" cos of my so called "excellent results" - well i laughed in his face, eh I don't think so!!! i have the worst diet ever and have piled on nearly 2 stone already!!! try not to worry about it, stay away from the books and once you're eating something, you're ok.
silíní Posts: 4219
my diet was crap for the first 3 months. I was soooooooooooo sick. Drank coke every day as for some reason it seemed to help (one glass a day only) and ate lots of white bread etc. I lost about a stone weight. My diet got much better once i got rid of the MS and babs was happy and healthy when born. Try not to worry! I used to freak about when all the books wenton about the first trimester being most important for diet, as mine was so bad, but all my friends who had babies seemed to be the same! I think baby will take all your nutrition anyway so the only one to suffer will be you, and i'm sure that's fine with you!!!! :lvs
jess08 Posts: 481
A friend has REALLY bad sickness on her pregnancies (its called hypermesis or something) and was in hosptial for most of both her pregancies as she couldnt even hold down water. But both babies are perfectly healthy and happy. babs really is a praasite, he/she will take whatever they need from you. Thats why its so important to get a healthy diet WHEN YOU CAN. They leach the minerals from your teeth and your bones (why osteoperosis was common in older women, they had v little calcium left) but your body has plenty stored up for the moment.
Gingham Posts: 3014
hey Mrs Bean..I feel your pain.. my diet has been really bad so far....due to the fact that I suffer from dreadful morning sickness and all day nausea...only thing which helps the nausea is savoury things like crackers..crisps, popcorn....o and I am craving chicken balls and curry sauce from the chinese alot.....i know this is really bad so I steer myself away from this as much as is possible... I am hoping my sickness starts to improve now I am coming up to week 15 but it has been so bad last 2 weeks..I cant see an end in sight.... trying to fit in some fruit throughout the day... its really hard though..
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I have been like this to. I can feel the weight piling on already coz I've just been eating white bread, cheese, pasta, crackers. All stodgy carbs. I have had very bad nausea for the last few wks but never actually threw up. I've always had a very active lifestyle & healthy diet so it has been killing me not having the energy to exercise & not wanting healthy food. This morning I had a breakthrough however & I had porridge & a big bowl of blueberries & strawberries for my breakfast which I was delighted with coz I missed my fruit! I hope the ms eases up for u soon & you're back eating healthy :wv