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cantwait07 Posts: 28
Just wondering what your thoughts were on Guardian Angels, was in another thread and this came up so I thought Id ask. I do belive that I have a Guardian Angel and I know it sounds mad but I have heard if you pray to your GA and ask them their name, the name would actually come to you in some form or another!
willful Posts: 6822
No offense and remember you did ask, but I think it's a load of b*ll*cks! But that's just me!
angels Posts: 492
i think everyone has them and agree about asking about the name. O:o)
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Now my family are mad into this angel business. I'm still to be convinced. My mam has attended a load of these angel conventions whatever the hell they are???????? She says that at night before you go asleep you are to clear your mind of all the days worries and just try and think of nothing and completely relax and that the name of your angel will appear in your mind. I haven't done it as i think about everthing and its uncle so trying to wind down for me is impossible. But most my family have done this and have found their angels names. Some dont recognise the names and some are old family members names. Weird Huh???????
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
i agree that everyone has them, I was at at medium before and she told me that an aunt of my mams(she use to mind us when we were kids and was like a granny to us) was my guardian angel, the medium told me that she had left a brouch to my mam( i didnt know anything about this as i was younge when she died) when she died and that I was to have it with me all the time as it was her way of protecting me, told my mam and she nearly died of shock but had the brouch and gave it to me!
sun flowers Posts: 3421
i defo believe in O:o), I went to a few angel conventions and went on a course on how to communicate with angels.. some people find it hiliarious and are quite sceptical though.. each to their own.. I'd be really interested in that sort of stuff myself.. I did that exercise and I came up with a name.. it sort of popped into my head (im gonna get slagged for this) but when I went back to the angel course everyone that got a GA name described how it "popped into their heads" aswell O:o) O:o) O:o) O:o)