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miriamosull Posts: 7
Hi, I am just wondering does anyone know where (if it is even possible) to get a guest book that is divided by Table number such that two corresponding pages would be lets say Table one and the first page would be where the guests seated at table one would write their well wishes etc and the opposite page would be a space for me to stick in a photo of those same guests ( I intend asking a family member to take the photos while the food is being eaten). Thanks very much!
barbiebride2014 Posts: 90
I'm not sure if you can buy them ready made to be honest but I'm sure you could make one easily... If you're not in to DIY have a look on Vista Print or email it to the likes of READS (DUblin) and they can print it on nice paper and bind it for you :) Best of luck it's a great idea :) xx
miriamosull Posts: 7
Thanks a million! I'll have to start the make and do so! :wv