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emmyb Posts: 8
Hi all. I have the following dress already that i was going to wear to a family wedding later this year. I bought the dress to wear to a function abroad (not a wedding) and because it was abroad nobody really has seen me wear it so my mother suggested that I reuse it and wear it to the wedding too and save myself buying one. Everyone else thought it was a good idea too and I looked up reviews of the dress, all of them saying that they bought it for a wedding and it was perfect. When I showed a friend of mine however, she said that if someone wore that to her wedding she would be fuming. The dress isnt a wedding dress just a formal dress and its pink and white! This friend wont even be at the wedding but now im not sure :( the last thing I would want to do would be to upset the bride. What do you guys think would you be ok with someone wearing this to your wedding or would you wear it yourself?
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Is this a chi chi dress? It's lovely and it wouldn't bother me in th slightest but I have seen some BM dresses from CHi chi so maybe just see if you can suss out their dresses if they're from chi chi or not!
lorrimar Posts: 837
Personally I wouldn't wear it to a wedding as the top of the dress is quite bridal. It is a stunning dress. I was at a wedding recently and a cousin of the bride wore a cream lace dress but the top of the dress was almost the same as the brides dress ( which is a little like this one) and a lot of the guests were commenting on it.
emmyb Posts: 8
Yes its from not sure where she got her BM dresses from...but I think she may have got black ones! I will try to suss that out. Ive also seen the brides dress already and its nothing like this its got no sleeves or lace and doesnt have a sweetheart neckline.
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
It's a beautiful dress but the top of the dress is quite similar to the top of my wedding dress so I personally probably wouldn't wear it just in case. Having said that if someone turned up at my wedding wearing it or something similar, I would probably just shrug it off as it's not worth getting upset over in the grand scheme of things. Because it's a family wedding you are going to, might be best to rethink unless you think the bride is really laid back and wouldn't mind. It is gorgeous though.
g_smith Posts: 31
Slightly off topic but this is the kind of thing I would love to wear for our day after event. Could you send me a link of where you got it from? :D
atina Posts: 2240
i never noticed what anyone was wearing at my wedding!
bunnybride81 Posts: 17
I think the dress is perfectly fine to wear to a wedding, its pink and short, I think if anyone has a problem with it are a tad dramatic, its clearing not a wedding dress! All eyes will be on the bride no matter what! It looks lovely btw ;o)
Lorenna Posts: 57
I think its fine...its pink!
Annster Posts: 50
Wear it!