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Le Chiffre Posts: 223
Hi Girls ! Just looking to see if anyone knows where to get nice leatherbound guestbooks ? Thank you ! :thnk
she Posts: 3298
Have a look on ebay, you get them a lot cheaper.
Le Chiffre Posts: 223
Thanks She ! :thnk Although I have never even logged on to ebay let alone bought anything from it ! First time for everything !
she Posts: 3298
God I'ved got everything for my wedding on ebay, it's great and so much cheaper. Register today!!!!! :wv
Le Chiffre Posts: 223
I know the amount of people that use it ! Must give it a go !
Insert-Name-Here Posts: 762
I saw some nice ones in Daintree.
Le Chiffre Posts: 223
Cool thanks a mill ! might spot one at the wedding fair on Sunday !
Wanna be a Momma Posts: 206
If you're looking for something reasonably priced, Easons used to have lots of guestbooks (some leather, some fabric). That was last summer, but they might be worth a look!
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
I ended up with 3!!! My BM got one made in Daintree for me its gorgeous. Our hotel gave us one as a present with an inscription ont he front with our names date and hotel and I had a carte blanche one. Borders or Easons
Le Chiffre Posts: 223
Thanks a mill girls for the replies ! Much appreciated ! :thnk