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Ladybird123 Posts: 77
Hi ladies, quick question, i am hoping to keep my numbers at 120 ish. Our guest list is at 147 at the moment. Should we keep cutting or would I be safe enough to send out that many invites ? Thanks
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
Well my hotel has told me for weddings in 2012 so far the refusal rate has averaged 30%. I have sent out my invites already and reckon that we will be coming in around this. From speaking to a couple of other girls online, the refusal rates were higher than expected aswell. Only you can decide if it is worth taking the risk but based on my experience you will be safe enough inviting 147 and might even get less than 120.
chattahoochee Posts: 95
Our numbers need to be 120 also, we invited 139 and it's looking like we'll be well under 120, probably 112, so I'de say go for it!
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
I'd be very vary about "guarenteed refusal rates" as it depends totally on each couple, but I have heard from girls who recently got married that the refusal rates were a lot higher than they thought. Last wedding I was at, I think 230/240 were invited and around 180 sat for the meal.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I would be wary too of this! We invited 120 and got 3.3% refusal. I knew this would be the case though as I invited close family and friends only and expected them all to say yes. I think it really comes down to what makes up your numbers i.e. if you can genuinely say that all 147 are close family and friends then you might not get many refusals but if you have a few random distant friends or relatives mixed in there then you might get a higher refusal.