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katie3 Posts: 40
I am to view a beautiful hotel, known to be a wonderful wedding venue, though I have recently heard, because of it's location, central to the town, guests tend to leave and go to other pubs!!! I'm so shocked to hear this. Have anyone ever witnessed this or dealt with it?
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
I've seen it happen to weddings in the dunraven arms in adare. Firstly people often head to a pub before going to the drinks reception. but that happens with many weddings as people want to get food etc. I noticed a few weddings from there too where people from the wedding went to the pub later in the evening. But never more than maybe 10 people(i was in the pub). To be honest there will always be people who want a break from the wedding, in many venues they will just head to the hotels main bar and it is this group that head to the pub. no matter where your venue is if you have people who tend to leave then they will find somewhere to disappear to. When i attended weddings in the Dunraven arms i've never noticed people missing from the reception. Though when im just in the pub in town i can spot people who have clearly left the wedding. So you won't miss these people.
BridetobeSep16 Posts: 7
Yes - I am there regularly and always see people in Adare local pubs (mainly the nearest one!) after the Church/Before the Reception, and a few people (but not as many really) after Dinner. Whatever about popping out to the Hotel's Bar for a quick/quiet drink, I do think its quite rude and unfair to leave the Hotel of somebodies Reception! especially missing the first dance and that
Munstermolly Posts: 100
This happens alto at weddings believe it or not . I know my own brother always disappear when photos are taken and straight after the meal . Personaly i think and have told him its rude . I understand he don't like weddings and is often dragged along by his wife and he'll tell us straight out he needs to head off for a "few quiet ones" before he loses the noodle .... Its not nice but it can happen .
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I've heard of people going to a bar between the ceremony and the reception (which I think is disgraceful!), but I've never heard of people leaving mid reception - that's awful!!! I'd be really bothered if I thought any of my guests left to go to a pub! I'd be really disgusted!
peanut14 Posts: 71
I'm from the south west and it is not unusual to go to pub after the church before you go to the reception. The wedding party are off getting photos done. I must certainly would not think its disgraceful. However leaving a wedding early to go to a pub would seem unusual to me.
whereland Posts: 472
I think it's really normal to have one or two in a pub between ceremony and reception. I've been to about 20 weddings and I'd say only once or twice we went straight to the reception. In a lot of cases the bride and groom joined the wedding guests in the local for a drink and photos before going on to the hotel. I do think it's a bit rude to leave the hotel after getting there to go elsewhere for a drink!
katie3 Posts: 40
Yes it has really bothered me. I can see it happening, a 'quiet' drink away turning into a few more drinks away.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I don't understand why people go to the pub?? There'll be a bar at the reception venue, so what's the purpose of going to a pub?? We put so much time and effort into the drinks reception, I'd be so disappointed if people had of skipped it!!
whereland Posts: 472
I've never skipped the drinks reception, literally have one drink in the pub catching up with all the other guests before heading on to the venue!