Guests turning up late to the ceremony??t

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edit Posts: 982
OMG! I went to view a quartet on Saturday at a wedding, now as we were down the back, we were able to see the amount of cheeky monkeys turning up late to the ceremony. Ok, so first couple arrived at 1.20pm, next family at 1.25pm, next couple 1.35pm and another couple again at 1.40pm (their mobile went off (full volume) during the mass too). Sure the mass was nearly over at that stage and not to mention the noise they all made coming. Jeez - at least sneak in. :-8
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
That's so flippin rude when mobiles go off during mass and especially during a wedding >:o(
total_newbie Posts: 25
I can't stand it when people turn up late for the really gets on my nerves and is so can't help but turn your attentions to them while they're fussing about trying to get into their annoying
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Went to a wedding recently and a few of my h2b's friends turned up late (but seemed to time it for exactly when the ceremony was over!). Then they headed out to the reception with everyone else. I thought it was a disgrace, I'll be making it very clear to them that when they are accepting our invitation, they decide there and then if they are coming to the whole thing or just the afters. I thought it was so rude and I felt that the couple getting married were very offended by it. :ooh
shoegals Posts: 1640
Thats a disgrace, ARGH O:| Really the ceremony is the most important part as that's when you become husband and wife, obviously these people reckon it's more important to fill their greedy guts at the reception, makes me sick >:o(
Lucy2007 Posts: 427
Went to the church of a girl i work with just to hear her church music and 6 of her really good friends arrived about 20 mins late for the mass - i just thought it was so rude - especially been her friends... I dont think she ever found out if she did id say she would have went mental
LabLady Posts: 4325
lol sure for my wedding I had to wait at the door while I let 2 of dh's friends and their partners run in infront of me, the door to the church is open, everyone could see me!