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Baby on the brain Posts: 67
Does anyone feel guilty about getting pregnant work wise? I have achieved what I want to achieve but feel guilty leaving my small office? Anyone else feel like this? Thanks BOTB
sally Posts: 1140
No way.... ill be glad of a break. Ive been in the same job for almost nine years so I could do with a change of scene but I work in a hospital so unless I move cities im there for life. Love it most of the time but could do with some extended leave. Im not very carrer minded though, id imagine if you were it might be hard to leave and feel when you got back you would be at a disadvantage or out of touch. Also if its a small place I suppose its more like a family and you care more. We are a huge area so anyone can pick up my work and ill be able to come back to it easily as well,
luigi Posts: 867
Hows this one... I got preggers the week I started my job :-8 Needless to say I spent my time there not in the best books. They never even sent me a card! My old workplace had fllowers on the doorstep within 2 days but my new job never even rang. Im not one teeny bit guilty!
irish bride Posts: 558
Luigi_2B that is dreadful! The 2 girls i worked with in my dept were nasty to me about my pregnancy as well, I left on more or less bad terms with them which is really putting me off going back after maternity leave. :o( Some people are just nasty by nature I think. BOTB there was only a thread the other day about work loyalty vs pregnancy (I can’t find the thread now!) and everyone really had the same opinion - at the end of the day you really are just a number in the office and if they had to make a cut they would ask you to leave no problem as the business comes first for them. You are number one and have to look after number one, a job is just a job, a family is for life. xxx
bibikay Posts: 644
[quote="Luigi_2B":1rhu4s8y]Hows this one... I got preggers the week I started my job :-8 [/quote:1rhu4s8y] Luigi ... I'll top that one... I was 11 weeks pregnant starting my new job last year! I was pregnant when I interviewed, and knew it. But, there are no guarantees with anything, so I wasn't going to turn down the job just 'cos I was pregnant. I had pulled out of a job the summer before, and then subsequently had a m/c so ended up with neither new job nor new baby, so I wasn't going to repeat the mistake last year. Anyway.. did I feel guilty??? No.. slightly awkward telling my new boss yes, but CERTAINLY not guilty. We are all entitled to have our children whenever we wish... and NO employer is allowed to make you feel guilty for doing so. My manager was great, and so was eveyrone in the dept - sent flowers and gift and everything. So, BOTB... I would say don't feel one bit guilty about getting pregnant... work is work, but family is family, and I know which comes first in my books!
Ducky Posts: 2506
I did feel guilty when I took time off mid-term to rest due to low BP but as my colleague said: Your headstone might say ' wonderful mother' but it will never say 'fantastic employee.' Made me think...and prioritise. If you were gone in the morning, they'd hardly remember any of us after six months. Your private life should come first I have come around to thinking and I was the ultimate career woman.
Baby on the brain Posts: 67
Thanks for your replies... Ducky your comment about headstone has really made me think
irish bride Posts: 558
hey girls i had my websites confused! there was a thread about this on magicmum the other day no on WOL - in the 'baby' section, called 'Trying for a baby vs loyalty to work....'. Is worth a read cause it's the same sort of thread as this one...
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
As my sister says: Nobody ever lay on their deathbed and thought 'I wish I'd put in more hours at the office'. Personal life and family before work.. always.
princesslala Posts: 90
I am feeling guilty even just thinking about TTC and what my boss will think..I started my job in Nov and want to begin TTC in a month or so...I know now that I will want to go back part time...and I've sussed out that all the other woman doing a similar job have managed to reduce their hours..but It's also a worry that what if I wasn't allowed to...I just cant see my boss (male) being very happy >:o(