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eefc Posts: 1201
Right. I have to get this off my chest just to see if I am the only one that gets fupped off at this. O:| O:| O:| Some of you may or may not know but I am following Operation Transformation at the moment in an effort to drop the excess bellies in the lead up to buying my wedding dress. So I am back in the gym like its going out of fashion. Last night, when I arrived at the gym, I had to spend [b:vfkd5eou]FIFTEEN[/b:vfkd5eou] mins watching at least [size=150:vfkd5eou]6 UTTER IDIOTS [/size:vfkd5eou] (3)messing on the treadmills O:| O:| - they were neither walking at speed nor jogging- just kind of strolling and having a mess. In an effort not to lose my temper at them as they were taking up valuable treadmills, I decided to go over to the circut and do that for 15 mins while I was waiting. But no- there were 3 on the circut that were in cahoots with the 3 on the treadmills who were also WASTING FUPPING MACHINE TIME. >:o( >:o( >:o( Average age of all 6 was between 18-20. My question is- had there been a manager around, would it have been in my rights to complain them? I mean technically they were on the machines and you have to be a member to be in there so they have the right to be there. It just bugs me so much that people like me and there are plenty out there, go to the gym (a lot of the time reluctantly) to get the work done- not to have a laugh and a joke. Does anyone else experience this in their gyms? All opinions greatly welcomed!
LadylovesChocolate Posts: 300
I feel your pain but unfortunately Im not sure if there is anything you can do about it eefc. However, as someone whos been going to the gym for years and years I can guarantee you that come Feb 1st there will be at least a 30% -50% drop off of all those people who hit the gym in January and itll be much easier to get on the machines again. I see it every year. Well done you for putting in the effort ! PS I find at this time of year its better to go for a long time at weekends say when theres less people about , it does my head in waiting on machines and then people are sitting on bikes chatting and laughing - eh you can do that at home love O:|
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I agree with LLC - it's a pain but if they're members they have as much right to use the gym as you have. Most likely come next week they'll be gone! Alternatively can you look at going at a different time for the next week or two?
SunnyK Posts: 3834
I feel your pain eefc!! I'm in a certain gym that prides itself on how cheap it is and is owned by someone connected to a certain supermarket chain if you get me?! :o0 So I know that you get what you pay for - it doesn't bother me at all that there are no classes or a pool at my gym - it was dirt cheap and it does the job for me. BUT - what annoys me is that for some reason there are LOADS of kids in it .... and I'm not talking 18-20's ... they are school kids about 16 years old I'd say. It's grand when it's quiet enough but when it's busy and they are fluting around it bugs me. There's one kid who does nothing except walk around messing with his mates and they really get to me - they aren't doing anything at all..... every 10 minutes or so they might do about 5 press ups! Now there's 32 treadmills there (yes, I counted!) and I've never been left waiting for one of those but other stuff like floor space etc I have been. I think that yeah, if you are left waiting a while and then especially when you can't move to a different area because another group of them are faffing about there then you could have a quiet word with the manager on duty and say look can you have a chat with them and ask them to do their work out and keep it all moving along?
lightscribe Posts: 112
I was dreading the gym this week because of the january eager beavers too, but luckily turned out not too bad when i went in, thats my excuse for not going out the window! I suppose its similar but, my gym peeve is girls who have to go in packs to the gym, Noticed 2 girls in my gym, They are obviously good friends but their fitness rates and body shapes are very different, one pretty slim, the other a little overweight. But they arrive to the gym together, do the same machines, for the same length of time, do the same floor excercises, the same amount of reps, basically never leave eachothers side, i just don't get it, why not just do your own thing and push yourself to your own limits!
eefc Posts: 1201
Yeah its a tricky one alright- I kind of took my anger out on the treadmill in the end but it was getting close to a kettlebell flying in their direction to send them flying like 10 pin skittles! >:o( The thing with the circut I think annoyed me most because its 30 seconds per machine - a bell even goes off every 30 seconds to remind you to move- but they had spread themselves out in such a way that when you over took them you were going to the same 3 machines the whole time. :duh: :duh: LLC- I have recently resorted to going on a Sunday (which was formally against all my being to do!!) and have noticed only the die hards are there on Sundays so I get what I need to get done, done! Its only this year that my gym is opened on Sundays so really going to try to get my big workouts done on this day. I love my gym- but I think there needs to be a little more control from management. Bring on the 30% drop off over the next few weeks- they got more treadmills since Xmas (santa must have brought them!!) but they are full all the time. Thankfully there is no time limit on them as I need to spend an hour on them when I do get to use it! :-8
Bootleg Betty Posts: 264
In January my gym is always packed! Can't get a machine for love nor money then when you spot a spare one by the time you've stoped whatever you were doing while waiting and made a run for the free machine, someone gets there before me O:| I've started getting up at half 6 and going before work. It as a killer at first but the gym is empty so I'm in and out much quicker and it's great to have the evenings free
McLisa Posts: 1815
I know the feeling >:o( >:o( >:o( >:o( i'm a regular gym member - more so the classes than the gym itself and come Jan and usually around may time i get so frustrated with not being able to use the gym or get into classes because of these people who think going for a few weeks is gonna help them - no its a continuous process if you want to make a change to your body and keep it. Also frustrates the life out of me seeing girls in the classes of gym barely moving or breaking a sweat and then complaining about being big O:| Maybe if they actually moved a little it would help shift a few pounds O:| I can guarantee you tho that in a few weeks it will die down but be prepared for a new influx of people around may/june when the panic for the bikini body sets in :yelrotflmaosmilie:
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Out of interest is time limited on the machines? I'm in the UK and my gym here has notices on the machines along the lines of - at peak times you may be restricted to up to 20 mins on this machine. If it's a continuous problem and there isn't a similar policy I'd speak to a manager about it. If it's bugging you it's sure to be bugging others!
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Also just to add I play squash and go to classes to exercise as well as a bit of Wii Fit/Your Shape on the Wii at home. I have no intention of going to any gym classes in January at all! Sticking to the squash for this month. Annoys me slightly that Jan is packed but it settles down by Feb. On the same bat tend to up the exercise in December as the place is dead with all the Christmas nights out etc!