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MrsFitz Posts: 162
Just wondering if any of you continued with your gym workouts to the same intensity or did you take it easy once you found out you were pregnant Im just over 5 weeks and was wondering if it was ok to continue with the gym as i was
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i'm not a big gym goer so prob not best person to answer but they say that if you already do a fitness programme it is ok to keep it up, but not to start anything new. so just keep doing what you are doing but don't push yourself too hard and you should be fine. towards the end you will have to cut back though, but you'll not be able to do as much then anyway, i was wrecked at the end.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
i kept up running til around 4 mths, was sick so thats why stopped at that stage. just dont over exert yourself n mention to doc at your next visit...congrats
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
What the other girls said as far as cardio goes. If you are using weights I would defo consult someone before continuing. Also for any exercises involving the abdomen, etc.
Mumaholic Posts: 833
I went up to 7 weeks and was advised to take it easier and never be out of breath basically. Avoid stomach crunching exercises and no weights! Was sick then and went back at 19 weeks (tues) when I was better, just did threadmill and was havin funny pains after about 6kms so I stopped and just didnt feel right and then thurs I had a bit of a be very very careful
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i swam a mile 5 times a week up till 36 weeks then my body just gave in and i couldn't do anymore. i went in one day and did half a length and had to get out... got a coffee and piece of cake instead, i think you shouldn't let your hearbeat go over 150bpm
mtv Posts: 935
couldnt cope with the gym programme i had specially made in the 1st tri (would be no good for almost 2 days after it) and i choose to go swimming instead. that was great as i wan't too tired after it. didnt go swimming due to laziness for the last 2 months. i would say to go with what your body allows you to do.
MrsFitz Posts: 162
thanks girls for all the advice Ill take it easy over the next few days in the gym - going to see my gp on thursday so will have a chat with him
mayday08 Posts: 704
I was advised by Consultant to give it up as had low lyign placenta. Was so tired at one stage i would not have been able to go.
lassy Posts: 193
I am a keen runner, did marathon last Oct. I run with a club and am normally with the fastest group. When i found out i was expecting i automatically moved myself down to a slower group and said i had a virus as i was unsure of what i should be doing. I told my doctor this when i saw him but he said there is absolutely no need to cut back, that it is perfectly fine to continue doing what we do before conceiving, that the egg is well nestled in and that if we listen to our bodies we will not put ourselves at risk. I found his advice very reassuring, i did a run last weekend and felt fine, having said that i am pretty tired today so going to pass on the club training session tonight. I guess if you do what feels ok that is a good rule of thumb. Let us know what your doc says please.