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trudy78 Posts: 63
Hello, just found out I was pregnant last week. Have an apt with my doctor tomm. He told me that I need to have decided on public or private and on a consultant before my apt. But given that I don't want to consult with my girls just yet , I'm only 5-6 weeks, how can I go about choosing a consultant. I like the softly softly approach , any recommendations?
BobbiR Posts: 150
I had prof Louise Kenny and can't recommend her highly enough.Will defo b going with her if I'm lucky enough to have another baby. Have heard great things about Dr. keelin o'donoghue as well. There has been a few threads on consultants n cumh so do a quick search and u should get some more recommendations. as far as I know all the consultants charge 3k for their service and u can claim 20% of that back. Best of luck with ur choice. please feel free to pm me if uve any questions as I know how hard it is to not have anyone to ask questions to in the first trimester. if u do decide to go private I'd ring the private consultants clinic asap and book in as the top drs like Louise Kenny book up v fast. HTH
mjm Posts: 393
I'm with Dan McKenna for #2 had him last time as well, couldnt say enough for him or his midwives. I had a bit of an emergency at 13 weeks and he saw me immediately. He also does reassurance scan at 8 weeks and tells you to ring up and come in for scan at any stage if your anxious. That to me is worth anything.
wardrobe Posts: 268
id also recommend prof louise kenny bobbir i hope to go with her if i become pregnant again ..hahahah did i just say that ds is only 4 months old so it will be the DISTANT future ...couldnt recommend her enough
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Im also with Louise Kenny, shes precise and to the point no messing I've seen her twice already and Im only 18 weeks, I also had early scans etc. Dan Hewitt is her husband and is supposed to be great too a friend of mine had him and was very very pleased with him. I just wanted a woman as I felt she could empathise with what I was going through ie morning sickness and fear of birth etc, best of luck in your decision. Louise books up very early so you would want to book her now for your 12 - 14 week appointment.
trudy78 Posts: 63
Hi mrs positive, can you tell me if you requested the early scan with Louise Kenny or it is part of her service offered ? Going with her but my apt isn't until I'm 14 weeks. My doc suggested a private scan but I have to pay for this. Thanks a mill . .
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Hi trudy no Louise did not request the early scan my napro doctor sent a letter to the epu because I had pcos and also a chemical pregnancy previously. Louise normally only sees patients between 12 and 14 weeks. Best of luck
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I saw matt hewitt and found him lovely.
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
Dr Hewitt is great. Extremely polite, very chilled out & delivered our DD. Would definitely book him again. Very reassuring to deal with. Good luck with your pregnancy! :)
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
I'd second Dan McKenna. An absolute gentleman and very much about the mother and welfare of baby. He's brilliant. I had him on my DS and have him again this pg.