H2B has seen my dress

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Boulevard Posts: 995
and I don't mind. BF took pic of me on her phone when buying dress, and I showed it to H2B as so excited. Not really into the supersticious stuff, but some of my friends are like Ohhh noooo thats bad luck etc. Here's why I'm not bothered; FSIL asked him whats boulevards dress like do you know? He said "Oh its lovely, its white and lace" (Its plain Ivory). :o0 :o0 Anyone else' H2B see their dress? :wv
chatter2cat Posts: 996
Friends got married last summer, H2B at the time helped her choose dress and went dress shopping with her. World hasn't stopped turning for them yet :o0 Personally i think there's far too much superstitious b0llox around weddings - must do this, can't do that... and like you say, men are [email protected] at details anyway, they just think - "nice frock" and instantly forget. Good for you!
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
[quote="chatter2cat":1ea2iqa9]Personally i think there's far too much superstitious b0llox around weddings [/quote:1ea2iqa9] Couldn't agree more. The one and only reason h2b hasn't seen my dress (because the rest of the world has) is that I want it to be a surprise, but, even if I did show him, not a chance would he remember what it was like this time tomorrow, never mind next August.
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
I will probably show him a picture of it once I have picked it but he wont see it on me until the big day. After 10 years together, I do not think seeing a pic of my dress is going to doom our whole relationship! Anyway, I am dying for his opinion and I would be happier to know that he really liked the dress.
fergsfuturemrs Posts: 64
Delighted to hear that girls - h2b has seen dress in magazine that i think im going to get. Dont believe in any of that superstitious crap either esp because he also wont remember it a day later!! :o0 :o0
rainyday Posts: 609
I wouldn't be bothered about it! In fact, I'm forever showing him dresses that I'm looking at on the net. We were going to go looking at dresses today (well, he was coming with me to the shop.....but not actually in to it!).....but there were a snow storm last night here in NY. I don't think I'd actually show him the dress after I buy it (merely for the surprise factor)....but I've shown him pics of so many dresses at this stage, I'm sure he'll have seen it already! However, men being men, I think that even if you spent an entire day walking around in it, he wouldn't remember what it looked like the next day!
garran9 Posts: 4401
I am not going to show H2B but as Mrs. Blues said, it is only because I want it to be a surpise. :wv
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I saw a dress in a magazine that is a little bit like mine is on top only this dress has it all over and is a bit OTT. Anyway h2b said he hated it.......... sorry I showed it to him now but he knows that mine not completely like the one I showed him yesterday but was still disappointed :o(
Boulevard Posts: 995
I'm sure you will look beautiful on the day Ozypozy! xxx It always looks better when its on and as long as u feel amazing in it thats the most important thing xxx :thnk
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv H2b hasn't seen mine, but it wouldn't bother me if he did see it, because i know he would forgot what it even looks like in a week :o0 ..