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gillie Posts: 384
Hi wollies... I am due to get married 3 weeks 2moro.... and we had our final suit fitting on tuesday night... the best man (h2b's bro) lives in dublin... so we said that we would book the suit fitting for late enuf in the eve so he could make it down from dublin... bout an hour down the road... Well while we appreciate that it was going to be a bit of a pain for him to have to drive we thought he would understand that it was only going to be the one time and that we had to have the fitting before friday incase they were any mistakes as we are all flying out in two weeks and the suits were coming form england( marrying abroad)... well a big no no.... He said his suit would be fine and that he was not under any circumstances going to travel... H2B went mad at him... so trying to keep the peace we got the suit delivered up to him yeasturday by courier as we had to have it back down 2day... and guess what ladies he hasnt even had the decency(sp) to even try it on yet... h2b text him last night to say how did it fit and he said i dunno will try it on 2moro.... I tell ya im some mad but have to try and stay cool for h2b... so now we dnt know if it fits and h2b got really mad with him last night but it didnt make a blind bit of defference.... And to make matters worse... FMIL keeps telling us how busy h2b bro is with work and all... like hello me and h2b are trying to organise a wedding and we both work fulltime... Fmil also keeps ringing fsil in england and telling her that we are insisting Fbil try on the suit.... Like hell ya... imagine getting to spain and his suit not fitting him .. at this stage i dont even want to see his family b4 the wedding and either does h2b... Sorry for the rant and the long post
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
Deep breathe Gillie...........breathe out You can bring a horse to water but you can't make hime drink. >:o( More fool him if the suit doesn't fit & he only realises it in spain. You & OH cannot be responsible for this clown. Forget about it. It's so not worth the stress or the rows.
caitni2000 Posts: 434
i agree, look on it that it won't fit and you'll have the opportunity to gloat and say, there you are, rub that up u! h2b's sides are always waaaayyy too laid back you could strangle them!!
msbelle Posts: 726
i feel for you ! my h2b bro is a nightmare too and i know he will spit the dummy at our wedding too! O:|
I hear you on this one. One of my sisters had her bridesmaid dress for a week before she tried it on....even though she knew if it did not fit she had to return it by post to me in england for me to change it. She was also the one who insisted blue, pink and red were not her colours so I was not to choose any of them colours and eveytime I sent her an email or a photo text of dresses I like she always replied with a "oh i dont like the neck of that or the cut of that". I do understand bridesmaids want to look nice in their dresses but also think if they feel a certain colour is not "their colour" they should just go along with it for one day if that is the colour scheme the bride wants. Seem to remember being told my dress was gold when she got married about 7 years ago and the pattern was picked without me being consulted. Oh what a short memory she has tee hee :wv
cat woman Posts: 897
no way thats awful, your fbil should be onered to be best man at your wedding dont blame you been so upset, hope everything works out for you hun just try relax its your day dont worry about anything else hope you and you h2b have a wonderful day xx [/img]