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Solomon Posts: 19
I'm the h2b alright - but I'm also the one familiar with the notion of visiting discussion forums whenever it comes to finding solutions to problems! My 37 y.o. w2shortlyb isn't all that keen on the traditional wedding dress. Of all the sites she's trawled through, the 2009 Linea Raffaelli range seemed to grab her attention most - mainly due to the relative distance of those styles from the the traditional wedding dress. She's not keen on spending a whole pile on something to be worn once and would ideally like something that is far enough away from wedding dress to be worn again. She also likes quality so is prepared to pay what it takes to get the right thing. You can begin to see why I'm marrying this woman can't you. :) So! Can anyone suggest areas of investigation. Where in/around Dublin can be found good quality, stylish dresses which would be sufficiently reserved so as to function well in a (church) wedding setting. She's a size 8, about 5'2" in bare feet and petite. Boutiques, dept stores, websites .. on a postcard please. Thanks Solomon.
mrsoriordan Posts: 846
http://www.whiteorchid.ie/?gclid=CI6Srr ... 4wodPzKmDQ this site might help they stop that collection :o)ll
MRS.C2B Posts: 408
I would suggest Monsoon in Dundrum if she is looking for a stunning dress that can be worn again..... They have some amzing dresses.....
trillian kk Posts: 62
Brave man, appearing on here! Try Costume near George's St arcade - they have a hidden bridal collection, but you might have to make an appointment. Also, my mum told me about an Irish designer based in Portobello where she's getting her own outfit- Helen Cody http://www.helencody.com/ I went for the inexpensive High Street route because I'm not too keen on the crazy prices that wedding dresses go for when I'll never wear it again, but when I saw her stuff I was very impressed and a little sorry I didn't see it sooner.
pradalover Posts: 64
I'm not from Dublin but i'd suggest debenhams, they have some amazing dresses www.debenhams.com
Solomon Posts: 19
[quote="trillian kk":2tf8g19l]Brave man, appearing on here![/quote:2tf8g19l] I had noticed the ..er...dearth... of male participation. I assure you it's not bravery that has me on here though. It's love. Never thought it would happen to me - so I might as well enjoy it..
pradalover Posts: 64
Solomon you are more than welcome in here, so good to have man in here, now when we have man trouble we can get a mans prespective :o0
sparkledreams Posts: 43
I was just about to post White Orchid too. I bought my dress there, it was from the Mikaella range of dresses. All very simple dresses.....not typical wedding dresses. They also stock Tara Keely, some fab simple dresses. One of the girls there actually wanted a Linea dress for her own wedding so if your wife to be likes that style she'll probably find she likes the style of most of the dresses in White Orchid. They're based in Swords. The girls are lovely and so helpful, I was at my wits end searching for a dress, I'd visited at least 30 shops and visited White Orchid the day it opened and bought my dress. Defo worth a visit
dasein Posts: 292
Definitely worth checking out Costume, they have fabulous stuff. The Style supplement of last Sundays Times showed some of their collection from Collette Dinnigan and Temperley London....really elegant pieces. It could also be worth checking out BT's / Harvey Nicks etc for great evening dresses that aren't specifically bridal, but special enough for the occasion. You are not the first man I have seen on here, but you are the first one I have seen looking for a dress! Well done you O-O
Solomon Posts: 19
Thanks for the welcome ..and for the helpful suggestions. I've posted a link to this thread to my w2shortlyb so she can keep track of what you're recommending. Cheers.. Solomon (added by edit: at a certain point it comes time to avert your gaze and let her get on with it herself. I don't want her walking up the aisle in something [b:1svlh94a]I've[/b:1svlh94a] picked :) )