H2B time for church

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fifi09 Posts: 414
Hiya 6 weeks and counting.... So excited now :-8 We were going over bits and pieces at the weekend and we were talking about what time H2B should be at the church. Our ceremony is at 2pm so I assume guests might start arriving from about 1.40 ish onwards. Should he be there before everyone, like say 1.30 or whats the norm? Thanks girls :thnk
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
my darling hubby was there about 25/30 minutes before ceremony time to greet people as they were arriving. I had assured him I wouldnt be late so I arrived at about 5 past the time. he'd already been at the church over half an hour so didnt want to keep him waiting any more than that :o0
joker Posts: 2789
H2b said he'll be at the chapel tweny min before to get pics etc,,, I'm going to be a max if ten min( minus any disasters) late so he'll not be there too long !!!
fifi09 Posts: 414
Thanks girls, we were thinking along the 25-30 minute line. I'm not planning on being late either, maybe 5-10 mins max. I'm obsessive about being on time in everyday life so will be itching to get there I'd say :o0